ON August 19, 2021, the United States Capitol was placed in lockdown following a bomb threat.

The lockdown came after a man sitting in a black pickup truck parked outside the Library of Congress told police he had a bomb.

Who is Floyd Ray Roseberry?

Hours after the lockdown was lifted, CBS News reported that two law enforcement sources identified the suspect in the suspicious vehicle.

The man identified as Floyd Ray Roseberry, 49, has since surrendered.

A native of Grover, North Carolina, Roseberry was in communication with police during the event as they were trying to figure out if the threat was reliable.

“My negotiators are hard at work trying to have a peaceful resolution to this incident,” U.S. Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger said. “We’re trying to get as much information as we can to find a way to peacefully resolve this.”

Not much additional information is available.

What were Floyd Ray Roseberry's motives for threatening the Capitol building?

The motives behind Roseberry's intentions are still unknown but it is being reported that they might be related to the recent presidential election.

Roseberry's wife revealed to NBC Washington's Tom Lynch that her husband had been very upset about the results of the election.

In a phone call, she later revealed that when Roseberry voted for Trump, it was his first vote ever.

Four days before the threat, Roseberry posted on Facebook: “It’s almost time…take a extra pair of civilians clothes for our heroes… who can carry arms in… BIDEN YOUR FIRED…NO ISN’T A OPTION…FLEE OUR LAND."

What did Floyd Ray Roseberry say about the situation?

While sitting in his truck outside the Capitol building, Roseberry started streaming on Facebook live, demanding to talk to President Joe Biden.

Roseberry said: “People think it’s a joke but they cleared the block. They need to get Joe Biden down here. I’m not hurting nobody Joe. I’m not pulling the trigger on this thing. I can’t – there’s no way for me to blow this up. Only you can by shooting a bullet through my window.

"You don’t want to do it Joe. I love this land. We got a few options here Joe. You shoot me, this two and a half blocks is going with it. You’re talking about a revolution? The revolution is on. It’s here. It’s today.”

"I have no fear. None," he continued. "

"That crack in my voice is from the passion for the land I love. Somebody needs to tell Joe Biden we here. F***ing revolution starts today, Joe Biden and before you go crackin' any pops on me you better get your military experts out and ask them what a seven-pound keg of gunpowder would do with two-and-a-half proud of [unintelligible] will do, mother f***er! You know what else? I'm not going to light it. I'm going to give Joe Biden the option to."

It is unknown if Roseberry has been charged with anything as police continue to investigate.

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