Grey’s Anatomy star Jessica Capshaw has admitted she wouldn’t rule out a return to the show for the series finale.

The actress starred as the beloved character Dr. Arizona Robbins for ten seasons, and after her departure in 2018, fans have been hoping they might see her make a return in the show’s future.

Speaking to about a potential appearance when the series comes to an end, the actress admitted: ‘I feel like that was my home for so long but I don’t watch the show much so I’m not sure how it would be done.’

But she wouldn’t rule out a return as she explained: ‘It was such an incredible role and an incredible privilege. When I started I knew it was special but I almost didn’t know.

‘I was so grateful for all of the stories that we got to play. Some of them were harder and some of them were easier but always kept me on my toes. I loved being part of it.’

Despite leaving the show two years ago, Jessica revealed new fans streaming the series on Netflix make it feel like she never left.

Speaking about her return to acting in the streaming platform’s new rom-com, Holidate, Jessica told us: ‘It’s funny, and sort of ironic, that that the first movie that I would do post-Grey’s Anatomy is on Netflix, when that streaming platform is almost singularly the reason why fans still think I’m on Grey’s.

‘Netflix has given birth to this whole another generation of Grey’s viewers and the funniest part of it is that I haven’t been on the show for two years but nobody knows that.’

She laughed: ‘People think I’m still Arizona and I’m still on the show. Nothing has changed.’

Holidate follows singletons Sloane (Emma Roberts) and Jackson (Luke Bracey) after they meet on one particularly bad Christmas and make a pact to be each other’s ‘holidate’ for every festive occasion throughout the next year.

Jessica plays big sister Abby in the comedy flick and the actress was delighted to showcase her funny side.

The star continued: ‘Before Grey’s, I almost only did comedies. I would do a couple of dramas here and there, but mostly it was comedies.

‘And then you do Grey’s, and it’s 10 years long. While there was certainly a lightness to the character, there was also just on any given day, you’re crying a lot.

‘So some people just think of you that way. What was really fun was the entire time we shot Holidate, it was like no one knew that I could do anything that was funny. They’d be like, “You’re so funny. You are so fun.”’

Jessica went on: ‘In the beginning of my career, I wanted to be on Saturday Night Live. I wanted to do all the funny stuff.’

Holidate is available to stream now on Netflix.

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