GOOD Morning Britain viewers were left furious today after Danielle Lloyd demanded schools BAN homework because she ends up doing it for her kids.

The former model's argument that children have too much work to do after school sparked a fierce debate on Twitter.

Parents accused her of setting a bad example to her children after she asked: "What's the point?"

During the debate, Danielle said: "My kids come home with so much homework at such a young age. I think they should just be allowed to be kids.

"In the schools, the teachers should do their jobs and when the kids should come home and enjoy themselves and be happy.

"What's the point in coming home with all these exercises? I agree about maybe doing a little bit of spelling or maths, but these projects about history…"

Speaking about her experience with her four children, Danielle added: "They come home with loads of maths and history homework and projects. I'm the one who gets left to make these models.

"When they come home and do history and stuff, I just don't think it's really relevant."

On the either side of the debate was Katherine Birbalsingh – dubbed Britain's strictest headteacher.

She argued: "It is absolutely the case that schools need to set homework that is practice of what has been done at school."

Viewers were enraged by the argument, with many blasting Danielle's opinion.

One said: "Homework debate on #GMB and who is representing the no homework side? Danielle Lloyd! A walking advert for why you SHOULD study hard! She can't string a sentence together!"

Another added: "Danielle Lloyd On @GMB saying that she doesn’t think “HISTORY” is relevant to her childs learning…..

"and this is exactly why we need to stop making people like this famous. People want to be reality stars or influencers nowadays before they’d train to be a doctor #GMB."

Someone else said: "#gmb Danielle Lloyd’s a prime example of why kids SHOULD do homework!Listen to this woman for god sake.

" Kids need discipline, boundaries & to be taught good habits so they become hardworking, nice people. There’s plenty of time to play too! (Mum of a happy balanced teenager)."

A fourth explained: "The curly haired lady on @GMB talking complete sense about homework and Danielle Lloyd talking rubbish.

"Whether we like or not the world is tough and children need preparing for it or else they will flounder at high school and the real world."

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