If you’re a parent of young children, you’re probably a little bit sleep deprived.

This mum found that although her daughter slept through the night, she was always waking up before 5am – and she was desperate to get her to sleep a little longer.

The woman, from Northern Ireland, told Belfast Live that she had tried all sorts of things to try to settle her 10-month-old daughter.

She thought it was hunger but when the baby did wake up, she didn’t want to take her bottle.

She added that she thought it could be teething but once the baby was up, she was fine but just a little cranky because she was still tired.

The mum had resigned herself to always having to get up early with her daughter.

But after chatting to a friend, she realised that the light coming around the blackout curtains could be the issue.

She said that she noticed light was getting through the top and the room was brighter than she expected.

‘I didn’t really want to spend a fortune on new blinds and curtains in case they made absolutely no difference to her sleep so I decided to think outside the box and look for an alternative, and there it was right in my cupboard,’ she said.

She put bin liners around the window where the light was coming in and it worked.

I didn’t even care what the neighbours must have thought as I was desperate to get more sleep,’ she added.

The first night, her daughter slept through until 8am and now she sleeps until at least 7.30am every morning.

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