BBC Breakfast's live weather report today did not go quite to plan after it was interrupted by an unexpected guest– and Charlie Stayt couldn't help but point out it out.

In a segment from the show, Matt Taylor is delivering the daily forecast at Wildwood Trust wildlife park in Herne Common.

"I'm here at Wildwood Trust, they've introduced four squirrels," he says.

"I have seen a few but of course, with live TV, they always make themselves very elusive when the camera is on but hopefully we will get to see some later.

He tells hosts Charlie and Naga Munchetty that he will "hunt out for them" and try to show them to the viewers.

"We've got some food out, hopefully to tempt them in," he added.

The camera pans around the park as Matt moves on to explain the forecast and a woman is seen appearing in the corner of the shot and staring into the camera.

Noticing she has accidentally stumbled into shot, she slowly turns around and tries to dart away. But unfortunately for her, Charlie has already spotted her.

When Matt's report is finished, Charlie says: "I'll tell you what, we did spot something.

"Not sure if you are aware, but we didn't see squirrels. To your left, there was a human being who popped up momentarily from behind that shed thing and then I think, hid away again.

"Scared of the cameras, some people are, you know?"

Matt replies: "Very timid, these keepers."

The presenter back in the studio then adds: "We'll try to find a keeper a little later. Try and find one and get one out of the foliage and we will have a chat with them maybe."

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