GETTING diagnosed with cancer is always going to be devastating.

But the earlier you catch the disease the better your chances are of beating it.

Head and neck cancers are responsible for over 4,000 deaths a year in the UK, figures from Cancer Research UK state.

There are over 12,000 cases a year, so it's important to know the signs of the disease.

Laryngeal cancer, which develops in the voice box, is a deadly cancer that affects the neck.

GPs are currently only required to consider laryngeal cancer if someone has persistent hoarseness or an unexplained neck lump.

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But there are several other symptoms of the disease which people should be aware of.

One symptom can impact the way you breathe.

According to the NHS website, noisy breathing is a sign of the cancer.

The other 5 symptoms include:

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  1. a change in the voice, such as persistent hoarseness
  2. difficulty or pain when swallowing
  3. shortness of breath
  4. a persistent cough
  5. a lump or swelling in your neck

The main treatments for throat cancer include radiotherapy, surgery, chemotherapy and targeted cancer medicines, the NHS states.

Your treatment plan will depend on the stage of the cancer.

If you are concerned about any of your symptoms you should make an appointment with your GP.

In the event of an emergency, always call 999.

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