I’ll be the one to say it: I don’t think Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele really understood the Met Gala’s camp theme? Michele dressed a ton of people for this year’s gala, and very few of them really seemed to embrace the theme, in my opinion. One of the few that went for it was… Met Gala co-chair Harry Styles, who decided to go for low-key drag. It’s not full drag, mind you. But Styles wore a delicate black jumpsuit, a pearl earring and chunky heels. Harry Styles honestly looked beautiful and like he had some understanding of what he was doing there. Here’s Harry and Alessandro’s interview on the carpet.

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Salma Hayek in Gucci… is this camp? It’s not, right? So many people thought “camp” was “just wear gold.” Like camp is “looking like Donald Trump’s toilet.”

Dakota Johnson was one of the Gucci ladies who seemed to interpret camp as “fairy queen.” IS IT THOUGH? I mean, I don’t hate this and I could totally make a camp argument for it, but I feel like she’s not meeting me halfway.

Speaking of fairy queens who aren’t meeting me halfway, Florence Welch also wore Gucci and her styling is so blah… I love Flo, but is she allergic to eyeliner and lipstick??

People were going gaga for Saoirse Ronan’s Gucci look, but again, the theme wasn’t Game of Thrones. What is this even supposed to be??

I hate Jared Leto. He wore Gucci and carried a fake severed head.

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