All I want for Christmas is CHEW! Moment Lexi the boxer dog tugs on Christmas fairy lights and brings her owner’s tree crashing down

  • Lexi the dog was left at home in Maryland with fellow Boxer Dexter  
  • Casey Roberts, 26, had fitted CCTV to her home to monitor her pets at work 
  • The footage showed Lexi grab the Christmas lights and pull down the Xmas tree 

A dog has been caught on camera by its crime analyst owner destroying the family’s Christmas tree while left home alone. 

Casey Roberts had fitted a security camera to her home in Maryland so she could monitor her dogs Lexi and Dexter during the day. 

During one CCTV inspection, Roberts saw Boxer Lexi pulling at the electrical cable linking the Christmas tree lights to the power socket. 

Boxers Lexi, left, and Dexter, right, were home alone in Maryland when Lexi decided to investigate the Christmas tree and drag it across the room

Lexi grabbed the electrical cable and began to pull it, unaware she was being filmed on CCTV

Lexi continued to pull at the cable until the tree toppled over and crashed down on the floor

Casey Roberts, pictured with Lexi, admitted she felt something was happening at home before she logged onto her CCTV system and saw the carnage

Casey, pictured with her partner Bobby, left, said: ‘We have a security camera in the house so I can see what the dogs do during the day’

Roberts, 26, said: ‘We have a security camera in the house so I can see what the dogs do during the day.

‘I had a weird feeling to check the camera and I saw Lexi pulling it down by the light string.

‘My initial reaction was to make sure she was okay but when I kept watching the video I couldn’t help but laugh, not only because of Lexi but because Dexter knew it was a bad idea and ran away before it fell!

‘They are the sweetest dogs you will ever meet but they are definitely mischievous. Dexter grew out of his “bad” stage but Lexi has just begun.’   

The couple described their dogs as ‘mischievous’ but said Dexter was the calmer of the pair

Earlier this month, Toffee the Cockapoo caused chaos as her owner tried to wrap up Christmas presents on her bed. 

The video, which was posted on TikTok by Mia Constantinou from Dervock in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, shows the puppy getting tangled in sticky tape, nipping at a parcel and trying to steal the roll of tape. 

But afterwards she said could only able to wrap one present before giving up because of the constant interference from her new 12-week-old cockapoo, Toffee. 

Mia said: ‘I found it hilarious how difficult it was to do small things whilst trying to keep her occupied. It was extremely difficult!’

Mia added that preparing for the festive season with a small dog is ‘a full time job’.   

Mia Constantinou from Dervock in County Antrim, Northern Ireland was trying to wrap Christmas presents when she was interrupted by her 12-week-old puppy Toffee

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