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The black security guard caught punching a pro-President Trump rioter outside the US Capitol — who was then publicly shamed by her teen daughter — said she’s been charged with assault over the caught-on-camera slug.

Ashanti Smith, 28, opened up about last Wednesday’s fracas, when MAGA enthusiasts descended on the nation’s capital, saying she punched Therese Duke in the face in self-defense.

“I feared for my life. I’m hearing, ‘Hang her, we’ll kill her, she deserves to die,’” Smith told WHUR radio station Thursday.

Viral video from Jan. 6 showed Smith, dressed in her security guard uniform and wearing a mask, surrounded by a crowd of rowdy protesters — and Duke reaching out to grab Smith’s phone.

That’s when Smith clocks Duke, who is white, right in the face.

“She kept trying to take my phone and take my mask off because I kept asking them to stay away from me, stop following me, and stop being so close in my personal area,” Smith said, adding that many in the maskless crowd were calling her the N-word and accusing her of being Antifa.

Smith, who was on break at the time, said she also believed the mob was trying to rob her, claiming a woman who was with Duke was trying to rummage through her pockets.

After the slug, the crowd could be seen shoving Smith toward a wall of police officers — prompting chaos to break out and officers to deploy pepper spray on the group.


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