IT is best to do your best to prevent spiders from entering your house in the first place.

If not, you might be looking at bigger problems than just how to get rid of that one spider.

Do spiders lay eggs in houses?

Once a spider enters your home, it can start laying eggs very quickly.

A female spider wraps her eggs in a silken egg sac which she hides in her web or carries around with her when roaming your home.

A spider such as the brown and black widow ones can produce 10 to 20 egg sacs across its life span.

These sacs can contain from 150 to 300 eggs, but it is highly unlikely that they'll all survive.

What attracts spiders into houses?

There is a factor of things that can attract the eight-legged crawlies to your home.

Dirtiness is one of the main things that spiders are attracted to.


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The bins are one of the dirtiest items that you can have in your home, which is why it is best to keep them outside and away from your entryways.

When the weather gets colder, spiders seek warmth and a dry place to lay their eggs in.

That is why you should make sure that you seal any cracks that you might have in your windows and clean the darkest and dirtiest corners which are out of eye.

The darker the spot, the more likely a spider will find refuge there because it can hide from the attacker.

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What do spider eggs look like and how do I get rid of them?

It's important to know how to identify spider eggs so that you can get rid of them immediately and not risk having a swarm invade your home.

They are normally small white round balls and are easy to get rid of.

Because of their fragility, they can be removed using a broom or a vacuum cleaner.

If you get rid of them by vacuuming, make sure to remove the debris and eggs from the bag.

Dispose of them in a sealed plastic bag, so that you do not risk having any of them hatching and still crawl around your house.

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Another option is setting up glue traps around the house which help capture spiders entering your home.

Just make sure to keep such products out of reach of children and pets.

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