GRANT Shapps today blasted the BBC for being "not particularly interested" in Hamas monsters and labelling their depraved acts of violence terrorism.

The Defence Secretary hit out at the national broadcaster for refusing to "call a spade a spade".

The BBC won't label baby-slaughtering Hamas terrorists because they allege doing so would be biased.

But the corporation has used the label in stories referring to 9/11 and Al-Qaeda.

It comes as Israel's military has ordered more than 1 million people to evacuate as they prepare to unleash their troops into Gaza.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to crush Hamas terrorists after gunmen stormed over the border and brutally shot down men, women and children.



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Mr Shapps told Radio 4:  "It is good that they provided information in advance… Hamas certainly didn't do that before they went and slaughtered people.

"And I would have thought a good start is to warn people in advance that the area that they are in is likely to be part of an attack where the Israelis are trying to get hold of the Hamas terrorists, who you don't seem to be particularly interested in.

"The BBC seems to refuse to call terrorists even though the British Parliament has legislated that they are terrorists."

The Defence Secretary added that the BBC's language has left British Jews feeling "shame".

A key passage of Hamas' deranged charter is to slaughter all Jews not just in Israel but across the world.

"People are very worried, and they're very concerned," Mr Shapps said.

"And I have to say, the way to start with this is to actually deal with the situation as it is.

"These are terrorists who, as I mentioned before, don't just want to eradicate Israel, they want to eradicate all Jews.

"That is in their plan, that's in their charter."

Today the Board of Deputies of British Jews officially took action to formally begin a legal process against the BBC.

In a letter to Director General Tim Davie, top lawyers for the Board said: "Our client's complaint is about the BBC's refusal to call Hamas a terrorist organisation, to call the terrorists carrying out terrorism terrorists, and not to review, urgently, the Editorial Guidelines, or the interpretation of the Editorial Guidelines."

It comes as four Jewish schools in London have closed over fears for children's safety as a warning is issued over anti-Israel protests.

Community leaders are terrified that youngsters will be targeted in the wake of the bloodbath unfolding in the Middle East.

Torah Vodaas Primary School, in Edgware, and Ateres Beis Yaakov Primary School, in Colindale, informed parents of the closure on Thursday night.

It's understood neither of the schools will reopen until Monday.

In a letter to parents, Rabbi Feldman, of Torah Vodaas, said while there was "no specific threat to our school" it was "not a decision that has been taken lightly".

Menorah High School announced they will be closing too.

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The head teacher said: "Please be aware that this difficult decision has been reached because of the risk of violence on the streets.

"The police are concerned that as the girls are not in school, they will venture outdoors and have asked us to advise you that it is incumbent on you as parents that your children remain indoors."

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