Big Brother: Kerry gets upset after argument with Farida

Big Brother’s Kerry has been left in tears over her bubbling feud with housemate Farida.

The pair have not been seeing eye to eye recently and, on tonight’s show, things started to take a toll on Kerry.

She became tearful following an argument with Farida over this week’s shopping task. Housemates have been stripped of all their food and luxuries and told that they were employees of Big Bros Ltd.

Show bosses appointed housemates Yinrun, Henry and Nocky to be in charge and enjoy the luxuries, including nice meals and golfing.

The three have been made to appoint middle managers, which they have given to Farida, Zak and Kerry. 

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They were to then assign their remaining housemates to the bottom of the food chain, making their drinks and delivering them their meals.

Tensions swiftly rose in the house with Farida snapping at Kerry in a group meeting.

It led to NHS worker Kerry leaving the meeting to go to the shared bedroom where she told housemate Hallie about the argument.

Hallie then comforted the 40-year-old by giving her a hug and saying: “I’m always here for a cuddle if you’re needing one.”

To which Kerry replied: “I’m just so cross with myself because I can’t shut up.”

Fans took to X formerly known as Twitter to share their thoughts on the two’s “secret beef”, with the majority siding with Kerry.

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One wrote: “I don’t trust Farida. She thinks she’s going to win and twice now I’ve seen her grabbing her mic to make sure what she’s saying is being heard. I think she’s playing up to it too much and needs to calm down bc it’s becoming irritating.”

Another said: “Kerry is giving Karen, but FARIDA has gone to the next level. She’s making Kerry look mad laid back.” (sic) 

A third commented: “I can’t believe Farida just called Kerry conniving.” To which a fourth person said: “It’s as if farida hasn’t caused the most drama already . No one should be hating on our kezza.” (sic)

Another summed things up with: “Farida is just irritating.”

Towards the end of the episode Farida, who has been demoted by her colleagues, shared her frustrations with the task in the Diary room and singled out Kerry.

She said: “I see Kerry as a stirrer in the mix, but I’ll take it in my stride… I’m a strong cookie and not going to tolerate the nonsense.”


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