Tyler Cameron learned a few things about trying to find love on television from his time on The Bachelorette. Now, the contractor/model hopes he can prepare his friend and roommate Matt James for what to expect when he steps into the spotlight as the Bachelor.

"The thing I tell him is, just be you because that's what we all love," Cameron, 27,  told PEOPLE while promoting Verizon's matchmaker quiz for its 5G Mix & Match Unlimited plans. "That's why you're in the position you are in is because of you. Just let that shine. Also, trust your gut. Believe in yourself, belief in your decisions, just let it roll. Don't overthink things. My whole thing is like, shoot-from-the-hip. If it feels right, do it."

Even though the Florida native didn't ultimately get engaged to season 15's Bachelorette Hannah Brown, Cameron considers her a friend and calls his time on the ABC show "one of the greatest things I've ever done."

"It was an incredible experience," he says of The Bachelorette. "You get to travel and see the world and spend it with some special people. For that, I'm forever grateful."

As for what Cameron's love life looks like today, he shares that dating during the coronavirus pandemic can be difficult as he quarantines in his Florida hometown.

"It's hard right now with being stuck here in Jupiter, but maybe I'll hop on a Zoom date or something," Cameron says. "I would love to date somebody and get that going. We'll see."

The host of Quibi's Barkitecture continues to focus on his YouTube channel, launching a foundation for his late mother and undertaking some new fitness endeavors. Cameron even turned a carport at his house into a weight room that he uses with his brother.

But the reality star also enjoys his cheat days.

"I'm trying to be good and I screw up I just eat a bunch of ice cream," Cameron admits. "My favorite restaurant growing up is across the street from where I live and they have this dessert — it's like toffee ice cream, Oreos, caramel and chocolate sauce, so I sometimes sneak over there and get one. It's bad!"

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