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The Last Kingdom is on Netflix now and the Anglo-Saxon series follows Uhtred of Bebbanburg (played by Alexander Dreymon), who is known as the Dane Slayer. The series depicts Uhtred’s journey as he swears his allegiance to the Saxons, while still holding o to his relationships with the Danes. Fans are keen to know what happened to Uhtred’s partner Gisela (Peri Baumeister) and Express.co.uk has everything you need to know.

What happened to Peri Baumeister as Gisela?

Gisela was one of the main characters in The Last Kingdom, as well as The Saxon Stories – the novels by Bernard Cornwell on which the series is based.

Her father was a Danish warrior, and she was the sister of King Guthred of Northumbria (Thure Lindhardt) who ended up betraying Uhtred later on in the series.

She joined the cast in season two, and she and Uhtred went on to form a romantic relationship, having three children together.

When Uhtred met with Guthred, he noticed Gisela in the background and immediately fell for her but she was already married.

After Guthred had sent Uhtred into slavery, he forgave him on the premise he could marry Gisela. She gave birth to Young Uhtred (Finn Elliot) and Stiorra (Ruby Hartley).

Sadly Gisela died in childbirth along with the child she had attempted to deliver, and Uhtred was heartbroken as she was the first woman he had truly loved.

Hild (Eva Birthistle) and Thyra had helped her through her labor, and the former had the heartbreaking job of telling Uhtred she did not survive.

Gisela had faith in Uhtred and his mission to support King Alfred (David Dawson), and she was a strong woman who was respected by Uhtred’s friends.

Fans were gutted when Gisela left the series, with one saying on Twitter: “Going to take a break from watching The Last Kingdom. I am so sad that Gisela will no longer be part of him [Uhtred]. I hope he won’t replace her however briefly with Skade.”

Many fans have said Gisela was their favourite of all Uhtred’s partners from across the series, and they took to Reddit to express their love for her character.

One fan said: “I like the actress who plays Gisela. I think she makes her opinions known and has influence over Uhtred in a more understated way than Gisela in the books, but it is still an effective way.”

Pixelies said: “Gisela – The second real match. She doesn’t have any of the overbalancing characteristics of Uhtred’s past relationships.

“Not the nostalgia of Brida, not the necessity of Mildrith, not the mystery of Iseult, not the surety of Hild. But, her overall balance makes her the perfect partner for Uhtred.

“She didn’t elevate him, but she also didn’t bring him down or limit him. What she did do was lock down an important part of Uhtred’s life and free him up to focus on his true ambitions. Had she lived, they could have been happy together. Her death was a tragic loss.”

The Last Kingdom originally aired on the BBC, and the broadcaster described Gisela’s character as being thoughtful and intuitive.

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She was one of the only characters who knew Uhtred better than he knew himself, however, they did not have a smooth relationship.

In an interview with Stack, Uhtred actor Dreymon said Gisela was “the love of Uhtred’s life”, and fans definitely agree.

Gisela’s memory lives on throughout the rest of the series and fans get to discover more about her through her children, who play bigger roles in season four.

Fans praised the show’s creators for the casting of Hartley as Stiorra, as she had a clear visual resemblance to her on-screen mother.

Verve_94 said on Reddit: “Whoever was in charge of casting this season deserves a lot of credit! Stiorra, Young Uhtred, Sigtryggr and Eadith were all great and perfectly suited to their roles. All of them were 10/10 choices for the characters, looking and acting the part.”

ChrisEvansFan added: “The Stiorra actress looked like Gisela so that is truly A+ casting there!”. Sneaksweet then said: “Not only looks, but also carried similar mannerisms. That’s a feat.”

Fans will look forward to seeing Gisela’s spirit live on in her daughter, who will feature in the upcoming season five.

Actress Baumeister is on Instagram and she shared a throwback photo of Gisela and Uhtred from the second season.

One fan said: “Love Love Love this!!! Miss your character!! Gisela kept Uhtred centred.”

Her heartbreaking death during childbirth will remain one of the most emotional moments of the series so far, and her character will always be missed.

The Last Kingdom is on Netflix now

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