The Last Kingdom: Netflix tease fourth season of show

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The Last Kingdom season five is coming to Netflix and the new episodes will see the historical drama come to an end. Fans are desperate to find out more about how the long-running series will conclude, and some new characters have been thrown into the mix. Teasers have given some insight into Rognvaldr – but who is he?

Who is Rognvaldr in The Last Kingdom season 5?

Loyal fans were heartbroken to hear The Last Kingdom would be coming to an end after the upcoming season.

As the show was inspired by The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell, they had hoped it would continue in order to cover every book.

The final season will include some new characters who will either befriend Uhtred of Bebbanburg (played by Alexander Dreymon) or cause trouble for him.

The mysterious Rognvaldr appeared on the official Instagram page for the show, alongside the quote: “You do not care for loyalty.”

He seems to resemble the Viking warlord, Sigtryggr (Eysteinn Sigurðarson), who was introduced in the fourth season.

Rognvaldr is the traditional Norse name used by warrior Ragnall Ivarson, who could pose a threat for Uhtred.

The real-life Ragnall was a Viking leader who ruled Northumbria and the Isle of Man in the early 10th century.

In Cornwell’s books, Ragnall is in fact the brother of Sigtryggr, which would explain the resemblance between the two characters.

Ragnall appears in the ninth book, titled Warriors of the Storm, and season five includes the events from this book.

Unfortunately for Uhtred, Regnall’s allies are some of his biggest enemies.

Friction between the two sides is likely to occur as Sigtryggr and Uhtred showed respect towards each other.

Rognvaldr is likely to become one of the main antagonists in the explosive final season.

The character is played by Micki Stoltt, and the actor is on Instagram.

He announced: “FINALLY I can tell the little secret I have been hiding for a year (and it has been tough!)

“I am proud to tell that I am joining the Netflix series @thelastkingdom, for their fifth and final season, as Rognvaldr!

“It has been the most amazing and magical experience to work with such a large group of talented and warm-hearted people.

“And I feel truly grateful for the friendships that has been made on the way, and I am stunned by the wonderful TLK cast and crew…What can I say?…. DESTINY IS ALL!!!”

The actor has previously appeared in the TV series Surrogate and Are We Lost Forever.

After he shared the news of his latest role, the official Instagram account for The Last Kingdom offered support.

They said: “Welcome aboard! We are honoured to have you join us.”

Another fan account for the show commented: “Welcome aboard. Really looking forward to meeting your character in the mighty TLK.”

The actor has grown close to many cast members, including Haesten actor, Jeppe Beck Laursen.

Viewers are yet to find out an official release date for the final season and so they remain on the edge of their seats.

They still hope the new episodes will air before the end of 2021, and more information should come to light soon.

The Last Kingdom seasons 1-4 are on Netflix now.

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