They’re all flocking out of Coronation Street but before we go down the old ‘crisis’ route, we’re hoping to see most of this lot back. As Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) and the twins head off on a trip, Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden) prepares to say his goodbyes as well along with Freda Burgess (Ali Briggs) but how will it impact on Mary Taylor (Patti Clare)?

Elsewhere, the police are still working as hard as ever and a double arrest sees Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) and David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) in serious trouble – while Gary Windass (Mikey North) has a cover-up of his own to deal with.

And across the street, Gemma Winter (Dolly Rose Campbell) gets a baby bombshell she never saw coming.

10 Corrie spoilers

  • Sarah tells Nick that she wants nothing more to do with him.
  • Dev makes plans to visit a dying uncle in India.
  • Carla is found a place at a special unit for her mental health care.
  • Gary hands Sarah the money to pay for the wages of the factory girls.
  • David and Nick are arrested but David is honest about who stole he money.
  • Gemma collapses and is taken to the hospital.
  • Adam flatters Sarah as they share a drink.
  • Norris and Freda prepare to head back to Edinburgh.
  • Leanne demands the truth from Nick or they’re over.
  • Gemma and Chesney discover they’re having quadruplets!

Monday 3rd June Part One

David tells Shona that he regrets what he and Nick did but Gail says she needs some time to and space to take things in. Nick ups the pressure on David to take the blame and before long, the police arrive to arrest them both.

Gary tries to pin the blame for the roof collapse on Nick while Sarah decides to run the factory alone – giving Gary an idea on how he can help make things up with her. Rita and Chesney want Gemma to see a doctor over her morning sickness.

Asha runs rings round Dev while he decides to visit his dying uncle in India while doctors tell Peter that they have found a special unit for Carla.

Monday 3rd June Part Two

Sarah is struggling to pay the wages at the factory and Gary steps in, telling her that he has sold the passports from Rick’s office back to their owners and as he hands her the cash to pay the staff, she uneasily thanks him.

Simon tells Peter that he wants to go with him to Carlisle as that’s where Carla is being moved. The police tell David that Nick has blamed him for the theft but David tells the truth. Mary suggests that Dev takes the twins to India with him.

Wednesday 5th June Part One

Gemma collapses from her morning sickness so Chesney takes her to the hospital where she has a scan. Gemma warns Chesney that her family has a history of twins but the pair are soon told that they’re expecting quadruplets.

Norris apologises to Mary for his actions while Adam charms a flattered Sarah. Gail begs Audrey to drop the charges against Nick and David,

Wednesday 5th June Part Two

Mary is sad to wave off Dev, Asha and Aadi as they head off to India to spend time with his dying uncle while she then gets further bad news when Norris announces that he and Freda are going top Edinburgh to get married.

Ken gives Audrey food for thought about standing by her family while Sarah rejects Gary’s attempts to reconsile and Chesney and Gemma make a decision about their babies.

Friday 7th June Part One

Leanne confronts Nick over his lies and demands the truth or they’re finished. David determines to track down Natalie and then hands Audrey a document saying the barber shop is in her name. Shona emotionally hugs David.

Norris’ friends gather for a goodbye party but he can’t find his Commonwealth Games medal and panics. Tim admits that he is spending time with Tiny which is why the others in the syndicate aren’t pulling their weight while Gary’s cockiness annoys Sarah. Imran offers to represent David for free so he can get one over on Nick.

Friday 7th June Part Two

Norris has found his medal and wears it with pride to his party and he reminisces about old times with Rita and Mary. It soon dawns on him how much he is enjoying being back around everyone – will his mind be changed?

Nick  heads to court while Leanne packs her bags. When he returns, he finally comes clean about what he did while Audrey offers David a job at the barbers, working under Maria. Chesney suggests Gemma moves back in while Jenny starts a collection for them.

Sinead pulls out of the horse syndicate while Gary claims he is going back to the building trade.

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