AMELIA Spencer continues to struggle with her body image issues – while growing closer to troubled teen Noah Dingle.

But she also gets the brunt of Gabby Thomas' anger after dropping and hurting her son. Get the lowdown on all the Emmerdale drama.

1. Amelia endangers Thomas

Isolated teen Amelia Spencer (portrayed by Daisy Campbell) has put her health at risk to get the body she wants in recent weeks.

The youngster has relied on a weight gain syrup she bought online as she grows more obsessed with broadcasting her life on social media – and it's had troubling circumstances on her life.

She recently fainted in front of other village teens but brushed their concerns off.

Instead, Amelia is focusing on her budding connection with an incarcerated Noah Dingle, who previously harshly rejected her.

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Coming up, her father-figure Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) is tipped by Lydia Dingle that she's seeing someone.

The latter is prompted to quiz Amelia on her love life, much to her surprise.

Amelia continues to see visit Noah in prison, impersonating Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) in the process, and she's pleased to see their relationship evolve.

Once back in the village, Amelia's vision blurs but she still accepts to babysit for Gabby.

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While at Home Farm, Amelia steals another envelope from prison destined to Gabby when her nausea and dizziness worsen.

Amelia faints… while she's holding baby Thomas.

The little boy is dropped and considerably hurt.

2. Gabby faces Social Services

Sadly, the consequences of Amelia's fainting could be devastating for Thomas and his mother Gabby.

Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) walks into Home Farm and, worried for the baby's well-being, believes it's best to take him to hospital.

Amelia explains that Thomas fell off his high chair and is overcome with guilt when Gabby arrives at the hospital.

Unfortunately for her, Lucas Taylor was a witness to the real events and tells the truth.

Kim Tate (Claire King) calls Amelia out for lying and the teen faces a barrage of questions about her blackout.

Could she tell everyone the truth about her struggle?

This remains to be seen but she does confide in Dan Spencer, telling him about the weight gain syrup before promising to get checked out.

Meanwhile, Gabby is worried when Social Services get involved following Thomas' fall and she faces an investigation because of Amelia.

Could this lead to more feuding in the eponymous village?

3. Suzy's drug secret is exposed

Elsewhere, another secret will be coming to light this week and it could spell trouble for Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough).

The newcomer is on the receiving end of one of Matty Barton's (Ash Palmisciano) outbursts this week.

Noticing him acting out of character, Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) tries to appease his anger with Suzy – but Matty drops a bombshell on her.

He tells her that the coke which led to Laurel's breakup with Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) actually belonged to Suzy.

Laurel believed Jai had relapsed into drugs and broke up with him as soon as she could, although they were trying to resolve their issues.

But how will she react to Matty's revelation?

4. Leyla is caught with cocaine

But Suzy won't be the only one to be exposed as her pal Leyla Cavanagh (Roxy Shahidi) has also been keeping her drug addiction under wraps.

This week, her former partner David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) catches her red-handed, ready to take a line of cocaine.

Unlike Suzy, Leyla refused to quit the drug cold turkey, leading to David thinking that there's something wrong with her behaviour.

According to him, Leyla is not being present for their son Jacob before he leaves the village for university.

In a coke-filled state, Leyla flashes cash to appease Jacob but manages to infuriate the shopkeeper.

She then regrets offering to help cover Jacob's university accommodation and things only get worse for her in the Take A Vow office.

Leyla is caught out when Kim Tate and Vanessa Woodfield bombard her with questions.

The businesswoman ends up firing her as her wedding planner.

Leyla spirals and turns to what she believes is her only source of comfort.

Unfortunately, David catches her and she tries to explain her way out of it.

David remains unimpressed and Leyla panics when she learns he's ready to tell Liam everything.

Leyla pleads with the shopkeeper not to say anything – but the village GP gets a message from David asking to meet.

The wedding planner insists she's swearing off the drug.

But will David keep her secret?

5. Marlon struggles to cope

Meanwhile, love is in the air for both Rhona Goskirk and Marlon Dingle (Zoe Henry and Mark Charnock).

The pair get ready to walk down the aisle and the chef's path to a full recovery after his stroke is going well, despite some occasional setbacks.

Coming up, Marlon is slowly readapting to the outside world but is still finding it hard to leave his home.

His fiancée is firstly hesitant when her best friend Vanessa suggests a party to celebrate their engagement.

Rhona broaches it, leaving Marlon doubtful and while he remains nervous about going back to The Woolpack for the first time since his stroke, he relents.

Fortunately, Marlon doesn't have to face it all alone as he gets support from Paddy Dingle (Dominic Brunt).

Marlon is reassured everything will be okay and, later that day, him and Rhona arrive at the local pub for their engagement party.

All seems well as Marlon manages a declaration of love for Rhona and everyone cheers.

But could Marlon be putting on an act?


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6. Mandy is suspicious of Sandra

Sandra Flaherty (Joanne Mitchell) hasn't been back for long and is already causing a stir in the Dales.

Soap fans are convinced the character is only after her daughter Liv's money – and they could be right.

This week, however, she doesn't hold back and steals from Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) who employed her in her salon.

Coming up, Sandra happily takes a tenner tip for herself, unbeknownst to Mandy.

When she's asked about the missing money, Sandra knows she will have to tread carefully to avoid being caught.

Could her thieving have a link with the money she owed Terry?

Could she be scheming behind Liv's back?

7. Jai gets jealous

Although Laurel is finally told the coke responsible for her breakup with Jai belonged to Suzy, there's no guarantee their relationship will ever be fixed.

And with Marlon's physiotherapist Kit (Thoren Ferguson) in the village, they could steer further away from a potential reconciliation.

Fans speculated that Rhona would have an affair with Kit but, instead, Laurel is enjoying their dubbing romance – while a heartbroken Jai watches from afar.

This week, Jai struggles to see Laurel flirting with Kit and then kiss.

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