First it was Meghan Markle and now it's HBO Max's writer, Gary Janetti. America, please leave our Royal Family alone – they've had enough for at least a decade.

In a new cartoon series titled 'The Prince', the future king, Prince George, is portrayed as a campy brat who crosses his legs, is heavily pampered, and calls his grandmother, the Queen, a "bad b*tch".

What a load of insulting tosh.

Now, I've always been a bastion of comedy and anti-woke politics (tending to be overtly censorious and Orwellian), however this new Family Guy-style series takes it too far.

Above everything else, it's only been a few months since the tragic death of Prince Philip, this nation's hero and the Queen's beloved husband of several decades.

Somehow, writers of this cringe-worthy animated series thought characterising the late Prince in such an obscene way would be remotely funny.

Well, here's the reality check: it's not. In fact, it's a repulsive ambush on a family that's still grieving.

As far as I'm concerned, if the Americans wanted to make a satirical series about Prince Andrew and Fergie, be my guest (I'm guessing Fergie would revel in the publicity).

However, we will not tolerate an outright attack on the Queen, 95, recently widowed, subject to Harry and Meghan's bilge, and due to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee in 2022.

Plus, her innocent 8-year-old grandson, and future king, who doesn't deserve to be the main character of this puerile garbage that I'm sure his friends will taunt him over in years to come.

May I remind readers, we're talking about a show that callously parodies children – it's not morally justifiable.

Let's not forget the other ridiculous characters these unfunny writers have crafted, including another child, Prince Louis, 3, who appears as a rambunctious thug who smashes cups around the Palace.

Seems writers wanted to create a sadistic paradox that targets children and presents the Royal Family as a bunch of ruffians.

For example, the Queen comes across as a criminal gang leader, shooting an aide that scares her, which gains the respect of Prince George.

(I wish I were making this up).

Of course, another child was in the firing line, and completing the line-up is Princess Charlotte, only 6-years-old. She's voiced by 'Game of Thrones' actress, Sophie Turner.

Unlike her siblings, she's the respectable royal who's polite and courteous – the antithesis of her younger and older brothers.

Even writing that felt terrible, why on earth are we judging these very young royals who don't deserve to be trivialised and mischarcterised in such a cruel way?

It's reprehensible HBO Max bosses could ever consider commissioning this load of junk at the cost of £5million.

It's utterly pathetic and I question the sanity of any 'adult' that would take time out of their day to watch this so-called 'entertainment'.

Vindictive jokes continue to be made about the late Prince Philip, as he appears close to death and there are moments where he struggles to breathe.

Yes, they really went there, and it totally crosses the line.

  • Prince Philip's health repeatedly mocked in HBO's The Prince just months after his death

One thing I did enjoy were the appearances of Meghan and Harry, who to my surprise, are characterised in a somewhat believable fashion.

Kudos to the writers on this one, they've must've spent hours profiling the couple to gain such an accurate depiction.


Harry's Montecito neighbour, Orlando Bloom, voices the ditsy ginger Prince who doesn't know what a supermarket is.

Whilst Condola Rashad plays the role of Meghan Markle, who comes across as a calculated gold-digger (you decide how on the mark that is…).

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Much like the hypocritical Hollywood twits Harry and Meghan, actors Orlando Bloom and Sophie Turner thought it would be ethical to take part in a show that unashamedly lampoons children, despite appealing for privacy for their own families.

Funnily enough, Turner recently condemned paparazzi and an American tabloid for taking and publishing pictures of her young daughter, Willa, 1, who's only five years younger than Princess Charlotte, who she impersonates in the series.

The actress took to Instagram stories, "[Willa] is my daughter. She did not ask for this life"… Right, and Princess Charlotte did?

Practise what you preach, darling.

It's the same-old with this Hollywood bunch: they're too predictable. They're fine with the fame and money, provided it's on their terms.

They'll incessantly whine about tabloid invasion, but call paparazzi, sell stories, or even ridicule children if the cheque is large enough.

That's why the Sussexes left the UK to lead a life of 'privacy' in California, which entailed betraying their family to the world's press in a tell-all celebrity interview.

Not overlooking lucrative Spotify, Netflix, and Apple TV+ deals, whilst Prince Philip was seriously ill and eventually moved to hospital where he was dying.

Next, the Prince of Hollywood is waiting for the Queen to die before releasing more of his soporific memoirs, with the first being released late next year (naturally it had to coincide with the Queen's celebrations).

Even spineless Orlando Bloom was happy to take part in a show that sneers at his close friend's blood relatives.

Says a lot about Harry's close circle, eh?

Leeches. The lot of them.

Defending his decision to take part, 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star said in an interview his wife, Katy Perry, convinced him to take part, pleading "You've got to do this. This is genius".

If anyone deserves this animated nonsense, it's the Sussexes.

Just leave the children and Queen out of it. They don't deserve this abuse disguised as a cartoon.

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