IT’S the biggest job in the business – but nine months after quitting Radio 1’s Breakfast show Nick Grimshaw has revealed how his six years as host hit his health.

The likeable DJ was on air at the crack of dawn five days a week — but also a big partygoer.

In an exclusive interview today, he admits if finally caught up with him and left him in bed for days.

Nick, who has been with the station for almost 12 years, says: “I didn’t realise how tired I was until I stopped.  I went on holiday straight after it and my family came and all my friends came and we got a house — and I slept for days and days and days. I could not get out of bed.”

Nick, who swapped jobs with Radio 1 Drivetime host Greg James last September, now says of his new, late-afternoon gig: “I’ve had more time for me. It feels less like you’re in this machine of waking up early, so it’s been really good. I feel calmer, less tired.”

This weekend will see Nick back at Radio 1’s Big Weekend festival, which this year is being held in Middlesbrough’s Stewart Park — and he will be looking out for people to work with for his next career move.

He told me last autumn how he had enrolled in a set-design course at London art school Central Saint Martins and he now wants to use his new skills to work on music videos for the pop stars he has been playing on the radio for years.

He says: “Coming off the back of Breakfast, I wanted some extra-curricular stuff to stimulate my brain.

“The next step now is working on either sets for music videos or for live stuff. So yeah, I’ve just got to find the right person to do it with.

“Hopefully someone will give me a chance to do it.

“I can sort of go around and judge peoples’ sets, like: ‘I can do that better, call me!’”

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