Mum season three kicks off this evening (Wednesday, May 15) at 10pm on BBC Two and the show has a change in location for its third and final series. The BBC comedy has until now been set in Cathy’s (played by Lesley Manville) house, but the new series of Mum sees her in a country home with the rest of the cast. The Mum cast has spoken about where the final season was filmed and writer Stefan Golaszewski has explained why he felt that Mum had to be set somewhere different for season three.

Where is Mum season 3 set?

Mum season three is set in a country house in Kent, which Derek (Ross Boatman) and Pauline (Dorothy Atkinson) have rented to celebrate the former’s birthday.

This is in contrast to the first two series, which were set entirely in and around Cathy’s house.

Season three is also set within a shorter time than seasons one and two, with them taking place over a year while the new series goes from Monday to Saturday over a single week.

At an event attended by, Golaszewski said: “I wanted to set [the series] across a week and it is quite hard to think of reasons for people to come around every day for a week.”


He added that the change of location was also crucial for: “The journey that Cathy goes on in this series.

“I thought probably it would be hard to go on that journey inside that house.

“In that house, there are ghosts in every corner and so I wanted to take it somewhere else.”

He also teased: “I think in stories, when people go to the countryside or people go to the woods, things happen and people are able to be themselves.”

Where is Mum season 3 filmed?

Mum season three was filmed on location in a house in Dorking, Surrey.

Star Lesley Manville said: “When we knew that we’d be shooting this last series on location we just thought, ‘That’s it we’re going on holiday to Dorking for eight weeks!’”

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Manville said her favourite moments of this shoot was: “My birthday last year when we were all working.

“All the cast went for an Italian meal then came back and mucked about in the hotel’s large garden.”

Golaszewski told The Times the house was chosen as it was: “The kind of place Pauline would think was impressive.”

Actor Sam Swainsbury, who plays Cathy’s son, also told the publication about the pranks the cast played on each other while filming, including Peter Mullan, who plays Cathy’s love interest Michael, tapping into his tough guy reputation.

He said: “Every now and then Jason and Michael come to a head and in rehearsal Peter can’t help but throw a couple of expletives in there.

“He is Peter Mullan, after all, and I keep telling him, ‘You can’t do that, Peter, not on this, mate!’

Mum season 3 starts tonight on BBC Two at 10pm

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