As the Married at First Sight couples were tested to their limit by embarking on the next stage of the experiment, Porscha Pernnelle and Terence Edwards appeared to hit a rough patch when they attempted to live together.

In uncomfortable scenes, Porscha was still hung up on an argument from their honeymoon, when Terence had branded her childish after she behaved awkwardly at their romantic dinner.

Unwilling to let the comments slide, Porscha was keen to pick a fight, with no answer her husband gave her seemingly enough to calm her disdain for him.

This contempt appeared to spill over into the first dinner party of the season, when the couple arrived separately to the dinner with their fellow contestants in scenes that many fans had deemed painful to watch.

As Porscha opened up to the fellow brides taking part about the problems she was facing, Terence went to mingle with the grooms, before introducing himself to everyone personally and saying hello.

This also later continued when he introduced himself to the other brides, even the ones talking to Porscha, but never once actually acknowledged his own bride in a move the expert panel deemed to be an ultimate show of disrespect.

As the dinner party continued, Terence kept his distance, until Porscha ran away crying after feeling deliberately disrespected – something Terence soon sought her out to try and remedy.

After being concerned for her emotional state, Terence came to see if she was okay, only to be met with hostility from Porscha who boldly asked him: “What have I done to warrant such disdain?”

She then added: “I honestly don’t know why you even came to talk to me.”

Unwilling to be drawn into another argument, Terence soon left her to calm down, only to face her wrath in an explosive argument at the dinner table in which his disgruntled bride accused him of having no regard for her “respect, dignity and integrity”.

Interestingly, not everyone was content to sit idly be as the couple argued, with fellow groom Luke having waded in to defend Terence as Porscha launched into an angry tirade.

This in turn, also prompted Nathaniel to intervene as he urged the couple to communicate with each other, something that didn’t appear to be happening.

Fans at home were quick to slam both bride and groom as they took to social media, with the couple clearly struggling due to drastically different wants and desires from a relationship.

“Tbh, both Terence and Porscha are mad, but the way Porscha is twisting the narrative is what's spinning me. Because you'd think that Terence spent the whole honeymoon cussing Porscha out,” wrote one fan.

A second viewer also weighed in commenting: “Terence isn’t what she wanted so she’s disappointed and showing it. She did say she wanted someone ‘affluential’ after all. Poor Terence.”

A third fan also commented, adding: “All Porscha does is push away, whether this is fake or not… however it’s giving screen time. Terence is not no better with certain things either.”

A fourth viewer then added: "At first I was like Porscha is overdoing it but Terence has just been smirking all evening he dosen’t care. She’s been crying all evening."

Before a fifth simply wrote: “I don’t even think the experts can save Porscha and Terence at this point.”

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