Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) struggles in upcoming Emmerdale episodes when things get on top of her on the anniversary of her daughter Grace’s death. And with her emotions running high, she risks bringing danger to her family after meeting a new man.

The anniversary of Grace’s death is always emotional for Chas and Paddy (Dominic Brunt), but now Paddy is back with Mandy (Lisa Riley) Chas is feeling particularly alone. Things threaten to overwhelm her when daughter Eve (Bella James) chooses the day to play up, insisting she wants to go to the swings rather than visit her sister’s grave.

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After visiting the grave and reminiscing with Paddy, Chas realises that her life is currently stuck. She asks Paddy if he wants to have a drink at the Woolpack, but he’s going for lunch with Mandy, leaving Chas feeling sad and alone.

So when a man called Simon introduces himself to her later and buys her a drink, it seems like the day might have taken a turn for the better.

The problem for Chas is that, while Simon is a stranger to her, he’s a familiar face to viewers who will recognise him as Harry (Robert Beck) – the brutal thug who left Caleb (William Ash) with several broken ribs after Caleb refused to allow guns to be hidden at his car business.

It’s obvious that Harry/Simon is up to no good, but Chas is oblivious to this as she enjoys his company. Before things go too far, though, she makes it clear that she’s not ready to sleep with him and he agrees to sleep on the sofa.

As Chas goes off to bed, Harry doesn’t seem to be tired – in fact he looks wide awake as he gazes at a photo of Chas and Caleb. Sinister!

The next day, there’s another setback for Chas when Paddy tells her that Eve wants to live with him and Mandy from now on, rather than living with her at the Woolpack. Chas has no choice but to let Eve stay with her dad, but it’s one loss too many for her and tears stream down her face as she leaves.

Feeling at a low ebb, Chas needs a shoulder to cry on – and calls ‘Simon’ – little realising that she’s dealing with a very dangerous man indeed.

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