LOVE Island hunk Jack Fowler has been driving fans wild with his ripped holiday snaps but he insists he doesn't flaunt his package for Instagram likes.

The reality star, 23, has amassed 1.3million followers since his time on the show last summer, many of which can't get enough of his chiselled figure and handsome looks.

But Jack told The Sun Online he doesn't spend time staging his bulge snaps, instead he just wants to capture the special moments on his "mad" post Love Island journey.

When asked if he emphasises on his package in his snaps, he laughed: "No, not on purpose. I did a photoshoot recently in Thailand – it was for a brand that do short shorts so I had to wear them and the comments were quite ruthless, but it was all love.

"When I'm on holiday I like to take pictures that are in the moment. I try to just enjoy my life, man, it's a very unique life I'm in. It's all love and all banter. I don't look too much into it."

Jack was a late addition to the villa, but made an instant impact catching the eye of Laura Anderson.

With this year's serious just over a week away, he knows all too well what the new hopefuls are feeling.

"This time last year I definitely knew I was going in but I wouldn't have known when," he said.

"I was still working away, but I was very aware I could be at any point be flown out. I was making sure my work was as up to date as much as possible in case I did have to leave in the night.

"I was told four or five days before that I needed to get myself ready. Then I spent four or five days in lock down."

It's been reported islanders will make £250 a week during their time in the villa while they vie for the £50,000 jackpot.

The eye-watering prize didn't cross Jack's mind though.

He explained: "The money I never paid attention to. I was very excited and overwhelmed to go into Love Island and experience what I'd been watching for years first hand."

But the experience hasn't left him wanting a return .

He believes it would be unfair for any of the old faces to return for another crack at love on the show.

"I haven't got the call. I don't think it'd make much sense to have past Love Islanders.

"The contestants this year will have definitely watched last year. They'd have seen me and they might try and couple up with me which would be a disadvantage [for the new guys]."

There has been calls for the show to be axed following the tragic deaths of past contestants Mike Thalassitis and Sophie Gradon, who both took their own lives.

Love Island bosses have vowed to provide greater support for contestants before, during and after the competition and Jack doesn't think the essence of the show will be lost.

"I don't think it will be less dramatic," he said. "I think this year the producers will have to think long and hard about how they work with the mental health of contestants inside.

"This is the fifth series so they're doing something right."

Jack recently returned for a luxury getaway in the Maldives with two members of the Do Bits Society: Josh Denzel and Wes Nelson.

Love Island has turned Jack's life upside down and he admits he's still getting used to it.

"Coming out of Love Island was a mad, mad experience. If you told me last year I would have been to the Maldives and living my best life… like I've literally just come back from playing and scoring at Stamford Bridge, I wouldn't believe you at all.

I'm still getting used to it though the lifestyle what it is now."

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