Carlton Morton proposed to Diamond Jack on the first season of Netflix’s Love Is Blind. But as fans know, things went south as soon as the couple got to Mexico. Carlton revealed to Diamond that he’s sexually fluid, and Diamond didn’t appreciate him not telling her sooner. They got into a huge fight, words were exchanged, and both of them left the show.

Apparently, though, Diamond wasn’t the only connection Carlton made in the pods. According to Giannina Gibelli, she’d heard that about five women liked Carlton in the beginning portion of the experiment. She knew Carlton had hit it off with Diamond, but she also knew he’d gotten along really well with another contestant named Briana Holmes (the woman who said she hates hearing people breathe).

“I had my money on Briana,” Giannina said on a recent episode of “Love In Sight” of who she thought Carlton would end up with.

What Carlton would do differently on ‘Love is Blind’

When Carlton was interviewed on the podcast, he was asked if he’d do anything differently. He said he would have proposed to Briana instead of Diamond if he could go back.

“To be honest, I probably would have gone with my other choice for proposal person,” he said.

“Briana,” he clarified.  

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Sorry in advance. This post has nothing to do with Cameron (@cameronreidhamilton), but everything to do with (@need4lspeed). When Lauren and I met, I instantly wanted to be like her when I grew up. I still tell her this because it’s true. Everything about Lauren made me want to just boss up. We began calling each other sister on set and it’s not for nothing. Six years my senior, Lauren was already what I wanted to be: a boss. She shows up. She tells you exactly what you need to hear, when you need it. She runs after you when you’re running away (literally). She actually deposits into you to help you be better, do better, and change your perspective. She’s exactly who she is supposed to be and be becoming. She’s this amazing Black woman who encourages and empowers. She’s creative and classy. She’s sprinkling black girl magic everywhere she walks. I’m just so proud of her. She deserves every flower and follow. She’s really just that amazing of a human. This is my appreciation post for you, Lauren. I love you lots and I’m so proud of the woman the world is getting to meet. They haven’t even seen a quarter of your greatness yet. So if you haven’t already, follow her because her journey is just beginning… and also watch her and some of the other casts members on @theellenshow today.

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Giannina asked Carlton if he believes that he and Briana “would actually make it.”

“You know, in hindsight, looking back, I feel like it was equal with both of them and I kind of was like, up until the last moment, indecisive right before engagement day. Knowing her now, I would say that we really do have a really good chemistry and energy as it relates to just having a good time. No types of titles or anything. So I think maybe. Who knows?” he said.

Why Carlton didn’t share his sexuality sooner

Carlton also spoke about why he didn’t share his sexuality until he did. He didn’t want it getting back to the rest of the women.

“That was because I wanted to share it with the one person I fell in love with in the pods. Had that been a conversation on the first day, things would have gotten back to the girls’ side, let’s be real, with the current climate of the way people look at people in the LGBTQ community, no one would have given me a chance,” he said.

Carlton continued: “Or seen me. That was the thought process at that time. I can’t speak for them because you just never know. But that’s just the way I felt. I felt like if I tell it to someone else, they’re gonna tell my story. It was very important for me to tell my story to the person I fell in love with. And I did just that. “

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