Gogglebox: Celebs react to Jeremy Clarkson’s comments

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Clarkson’s Farm debuted on Amazon Prime Video last month as fans got to see Jeremy Clarkson take on the challenge of running his very own farm. Offering their own critique of the show was the Celebrity Gogglebox line-up, which included the likes of Martine McCutcheon, Micah Richards, Denise Van Outen, Andi Oliver and Jonathan Ross among others on Friday evening on Channel 4. But when Jeremy made a quip about labour and childbirth during a lambing segment, it’s safe to say the cast wasn’t best pleased.

The Clarkson’s Farm moment in question saw Jeremy prepare to welcome a whole host of lambs to the farm as his sheep were finally ready to give birth.

However, with dozens of sheep to care for and to ensure the births all went without a hitch, Jeremy felt the pressure as a relative novice shepherd.

As one ewe went into labour, Jermey began to panic as he rushed to help.

And seeing Jeremy throw himself into the action, chef Andi Oliver commented: “Poor thing, I couldn’t think of anything worse than being in labour and the only one to help you is Clarkson.”

Sharing a laugh with her daughter and TV presenter Miquita, the clip from Clarkson’s Farm continued and showed him get his hands dirty as he reached into one ewe to help deliver another lamb.

“He doesn’t know what he’s doing,” football pundit Micah Richards commented. “Surely you’ve got to be licensed for this sort of thing.”

Nevertheless, over the moon with his achievement, Jeremy began to celebrate but couldn’t resist a joke about how the ewe was reacting after just giving birth.

Jeremy began to joke how the ewe wasn’t “shouting” and gave birth with “no epidural”.

However, his comments didn’t go down well with the Gogglebox stars, with Martine telling him to be “careful”.

Andi then passionately hit out: “Did you hear what he just said?

“‘No epidural, no shouting I hate you, I hate you’, apart from me, Jeremy, I hate you!”

Talk show host Jonathan Ross was equally as critical of Jeremy’s comments as he said to his family: “Slightly misogynistic.”

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However, it wasn’t just the Channel 4 show’s celebrity cast who were irked by the former Top Gear star’s comments.

Taking to Twitter, one fan responded to the moment: “I was loving him and then had to go there with those statements ohhhh Jeremy [eye roll emoji]#CelebrityGogglebox.” (sic)

A second echoed: “LOL Andi Oliver saying she hates Jeremy Clarkson on #Gogglebox what a legend.”

However, a third argued: “Jeremy Clarkson was making a joke when he was commenting about the sheep giving birth in comparison to women. 

“It was lighthearted and not serious. Remember when we could do that without everyone being offended?  #CelebrityGogglebox,” they added.

Elsewhere, a fourth joked: “Imagine having Jeremy Clarkson at the birth of your child poor sheep #Gogglebox.”

While a fifth added: “The female sheep is the true winner vs. Jeremy Clarkson here tbh #Gogglebox #CelebrityGogglebox.”

Celebrity Gogglebox airs Friday at 9pm on Channel 4.

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