HOLLYOAKS' John Paul McQueen is left terrified after his abusive boyfriend George Kiss viciously assaults him next week.

The deputy head teacher, who is played by James Sutton in the popular Channel 4 soap, is pushed to breaking point when his partner punches him after an argument.

The hunky cop (Callum Kerr) has shown controlling behaviour in the past, and it looks like things are taken to a whole new level next Monday when he gets physical with John Paul.

After a romantic trip away for the New Year, the pair return to the village and are greeted with bad news.

George finds out that he has a dreaded performance review when he goes back to work, leaving him in a really bad mood.

Meanwhile, John Paul goes to visit his sister Mercedes, and is left gobsmacked when she catches him up on everything that has happened over the festive period.

He's finally told that it was evil Silas Blissett who had been blackmailing their family.

So he went to find Nancy so he could apologise for stealing her former boyfriend Kyle's watch when the creepy doll put him in a tricky predicament where he had to get hold of £10,000 quick.

However, things come crashing down when George returns back from his review and tells John Paul that he may lose his job as a policeman because of Nancy.

The pair have a huge showdown, but John Paul doesn't want to get in between his boyfriend and best friend.

Things take a turn for the worst when he ties to make it up to George by taking him out for a romantic dinner.

The PC can't seem to shake off his negative feelings and they end up arguing about why John Paul should have stood up for him earlier on.

George gets himself so wound up about the situation that he uses his fists to finish the argument, and John Paul is left heartbroken.





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