SHOCKING footage has captured the moment the ex-husband of mum known as the “black widow” tried to manipulate three men into murdering him.

Rob Parkes’ horrified reaction is captured on Channel 4's 24 Hours in Police Custody as he learns of his ex Victoria Breeden’s grizzly plans.

Victoria, 39 near Littleport, Cambridgeshire is now serving a nine-and-a-half year sentence for plotting to have Rob, 40, killed after he was given custody of their daughter.

The couple met at university in 1999, and they married in 2004.

But they separated in 2008 and Rob was granted custody of a child in 2014 "following protracted proceedings in the family courts".

During the documentary, detectives urgently visit Rob’s home to check on his safety.

In the scene they explain to the dad: “'On Tuesday night we had someone attend the police station with a recording basically stating that it was a recording of Victoria and another person conspiring to murder someone.

“The content of that recording is directed towards yourself.”

Despite their rocky relationship, Rob is visibly shocked by the news as he places his head in his hands.

“The past history I've got with her…I never thought she would've gone this far” he tells the detectives.

He adds: "In 2007 I realised that this wasn’t just toxic but it was bleeding out into every other relationship I had.

"I hadn’t been in touch with my friends, I hadn’t been in touch with my family, I was effectively being removed from every single part of my life.

"Victoria is very good at providing that vinier but through time you start to realise that it’s not exactly what it appears to be.

"From the start there was always an aspect of control. The person that I first met is not the same person as now.

"Once we got married it took me six years and a daughter to finally leave and make the best life I possibly could.

"I think she’s angry because when we met our whole life was ahead and when I left perhaps it represented that life that she couldn’t have."

DS Mike Barnshaw is on the case, listening to the recording to gauge if there is actual intent behind the recording or whether it is simply “pillow talk.”

The recordings see Victoria discussing her plans with two men that she recently met on a dating site.

DS Barnshaw remarks: “In all my career I've never experienced anything like this.”

When the case went to court in March 2020, Victoria claimed she was just “joking” and “wasn’t serious” when she spoke about hiring hitmen to carry out the attack.

But a jury found her guilty of three counts of soliciting his murder following an eight-day trial at Chelmsford Crown Court.

Christopher Paxton QC, prosecuting, said that while Breeden's efforts were "determined", none of the men attempted to carry out her plan.

The offending happened over a period of more than five years and Mr Paxton said Victoria was "deadly serious in what she sought".

The mum was found guilty of endeavouring to persuade Hamish Lowry-Martin to murder Rob between January 1 2014 and December 31 2014.

Mr Paxton said that Victoria asked Hamish if he would "do her a favour and sort out her ex-husband as he was a b*d".

After Hamish declined, the defendant asked him if he "knew people back in Scotland who were real nutters" and said she could "get together £5,000", Mr Paxton said.

She was also found guilty of endeavouring to persuade Graham Wall, a former boyfriend, to murder her ex between October 19 2018 and October 3 2019.

Victoria allegedly said to Graham "you must know someone who can help me get rid of him", Mr Paxton said.

She was also convicted of trying to persuade Earl Gernon to murder Mr Parkes on October 1 2019.

Mr Paxton said that Graham made a secret mobile phone recording of a conversation between Breeden and Earl.

Graham suspected that Victoria was being unfaithful and had left the device on the record setting in a cupboard under the stairs at her home before he went to work, Mr Paxton said.

In the recording, Victoria asks Earl "how easy would it be to make someone disappear", said Mr Paxton.

She was cleared of soliciting another former boyfriend, handyman Daniel Proctor, to murder Rob between November 1 2015 and June 1 2016.

In July 2020 she was sentenced to nine-and-a-half years.

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