The third series of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things is set to hit screens in less than two months and today, in the lead-up to the season’s arrival, Netflix has released a new cryptic trailer.

The short clip, named Summer in Hawkins doesn’t actually include any of the main characters such as Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) or Mike Wheeler (Fin Wolfhard) and features a pool scene starring Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery) and several mothers, most notably Karen Wheeler. 

Fans see Karen and her gal pals beside a pool in Hawkins Indiana seemingly waiting for Billy to make his way out as the lifeguard on shift, in saucy scenes the ladies gear up to greet Billy as they lay out in their swimwear. 

Sexual tension is ramped up a notch when Billy makes his way over to the ladies and compliments Karen on her bathing suit: “Dig the new suit Mrs. Wheeler,” to which she responds with very sultry: “Thank you Billy,” in a sultry tone.

Things come to a close with a close-up of the flustered mother looking a little overwhelmed with the attention from Billy, while he takes his place watching over the pool. 

The new teaser video is the second sneak peak released in the lead-up to season 3, after the first was released in March featuring the whole of the main gang.

Reacting to the trailer, devoted Stranger Things fans were in uproar over the possible flame between Karen Wheeler and Billy Hargrove. 

One said: “I wish I could unseen this, no one asked for Billy and Karen Wheeler”.

Another added: “I feel disgusted but curious at the same time”.

While a third said: “Mrs Wheeler please stay away from the teenage boy”.

The beloved sci-fi series has had 30 Emmy nominations and won six during its reign, including outstanding casting for a drama series and outstanding sound editing.

Season three of Stranger Things is released on Thursday July 4th on Netflix.

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