Movie theaters are on track to reopen next month (whether we like it or not), but things can’t just go back to normal. Across the country, different theaters are putting different safety procedures in place to give moviegoers peace of mind in the age of coronavirus. To help folks figure out just what those safety measures are, Fandango is launching “a multi-dimensional program to help moviegoers go back to theaters with confidence and peace of mind.”

If you head on over to this site (or use the Fandango mobile apps), you’ll be able to check-out the various guidelines in place at theaters across the country (note: some theaters haven’t announced guidelines yet, so the list is incomplete). Fandango hopes this will be a “one-stop guide to safety policies provided by more than one hundred theater chains, a special search filter to find reopened theaters by location, instructional videos and more.”

Using the guide, moviegoers can find info about auditorium occupancy and social distance seating, mask and protective equipment policies, enhanced cleaning measures, special concession services, and more. Fandango also “plans to mobilize many of its other digital properties, including Rotten Tomatoes, Movieclips on YouTube, and its far-reaching social media and performance marketing platforms to help moviegoers get the resources and information they need.” Fandango will also offer the ability to refund and exchange ticket purchases up to the posted showtime, along with self-processing refunds as a guest user with no account required.

In a statement, Fandango President Paul Yanover said: “At Fandango, our mission has always been super-serving fans with their entertainment needs, and we cannot wait to help fans get back the big screen safely and at the right time.  It’s a complicated rollout, with various states, cities and counties opening their venues in different phases. We hope Fandango will serve as a helpful one-stop resource for fans to find all the information and services they need for a comfortable return to their local theaters.”

Melissa Heller, Fandango’s vice president of domestic ticketing, added: “We are working closely with our friends in exhibition to help get their ticketing back online and film fans back in seats with peace of mind. In addition to our new product features, Fandango’s mobile ticketing will be an added benefit, helping moviegoers and cinema employees reduce the number of contact points at the box office and throughout the theater.”

All of this makes it abundantly clear that, yes, movie theaters really are going to try to reopen next month. And as much as I’d like to get back to the movies, I remain skeptical about this entire idea, as it seems like we’re courting potential disaster by rushing into things. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

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