PRIYA Sharma softens towards cheating Al Chapman as he tries to find the missing money next week in Emmerdale. 

Priya and Debbie stole thousands from Kim Tate to frame Al after they discovered he was two-timing them both.

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But next week Priya seems to let down her walls when Al begs her to let him know where the missing money is.

Will Priya and Debbie's revenge have been for nothing?

Viewers of the ITV soap have known for months that Al has been cheating behind Priya’s back, but it became evident that Debbie had no idea she was the other woman when she recently returned from Scotland – or that Al was engaged to Priya. 

Debbie had assumed Priya was planning to marry Ellis, but Chas was quick to set the record straight and reveal that she was marrying his dad.

Debbie then rushed to tell everything to Priya, and the two women decided to play Al at his own game.

Viewers watched Debbie shock Al with a proposal only for Priya to step out of the shadows and confront him for lying. 

In a shock twist, an irate Kim then confronted Al for stealing money from the HOP bank account – and vowed to destroy him. 

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