Ben Shephard snapped at Michael Gove during their interview on Thursday's Good Morning Britain, frustrated over a remark he had made.

The Minister for the Cabinet Office appeared on the show to discuss the government's handling of the pandemic with hosts Ben and Susanna Reid.

However, the interview turned tense at one point, when Mr Gove claimed the government would evaluate any mistakes that had been made in the months to come.

Ben quizzed the MP about the government's decision to relax restrictions over the Christmas period, pointing out it had led to a rise in Covid infection and an increased death toll.

Referring to a woman who had lost three family members following a Christmas gathering, Ben said: "What’s your reaction to that? Is that something you realise now was a mistake."

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The MP replied: "Again, words can’t convey how I understand any of us would feel about the deaths of three members of a family."

Ben demanded answers, asking: "Yeah, was it a mistake?"

"Again, I think that my approach has been to concentrate on doing better every day in those things that where we can improve," Mr Gove responded.

However, when Ben asked whether it had been a mistake for a second time, the MP answered: "In due course, we’ll have an opportunity to look back and to review all of the decisions."

Ben's temper rose, and he declared: "Mr Gove we’re in the second wave now which has been even more devastating than the first wave. Many people would say the time to have looked back would have been between the first wave and the second wave.

"For you to be turning around and saying, 'we’re going to have time to look back down the line', what happens if we have a third wave and we’re still not deciding that we’re going to look back and there were mistakes made and we’ve got to learn from them?

"I think what the British public want to hear is you standing up and being honest and saying ‘we’ve made some mistakes, these are mistakes that we're going to rectify’."

Without owning up to any mistakes, Mr Gove went on to point out there has been increased testing and the vaccine rollout is underway up and down the UK.

Once the interview wrapped, Ben looked disappointed by the outcome, and said: "I think we would all like to see some honesty from them."

Finishing the segment, Ben added that it had been "incredibly frustrating" to witness.

Good Morning Britain airs on weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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