Emmerdale fans were 'sobbing their hearts out' tonight as Lisa Dingle's family discovered she was dead.

Zak discovered that his wife had died alone on the sofa on their wedding day in heartbreaking scenes.

And Emmerdale viewers were convinced the cast were shedding real tears for actress Jane Cox, who has played Lisa for 23 years.

While Zak cradled his wife's lifeless body, daughter Belle returned home to make the worst discovery of her life.

Belle, who was left in denial when Zak explained Lisa was gone, said: "She can't have. It's not time. You've got it wrong dad.

Zak admitted "it's not fair", while Belle burst into tears at the thought of her scared mum dying alone.

Manpreet came round to confirm that Lisa had passed away but insisted that she had not suffered.

While Lydia broke the devastating news to the rest of the family, who had been celebrating Lisa and Zak's wedding, in the pub.

Saying goodbye to his wife, Zak said: "You stole my heart Lisa Dingle. Forever and all time. Sleep tight my love."

Belle added: "You’re not gone. Not really. You were the best mum and I love you so much."

All of the Dingle family came together as they gathered outside the house to watch Lisa being taken away in a private ambulance.

Devastated Emmerdale viewers took to Twitter after watching the powerful scenes.

"@edenelenor amazing acting from you tonight I suspecting some of those tears were really. You definitely had me crying," said one viewer.

Another added: "Incredibly moving performance from Eden Taylor-Draper in #Emmerdale tonight. Must have been very real tears saying goodbye to Jane Cox."

What an emotional, moving episode tonight! The Dingle family grief was palpable as it should be for the beloved Lisa," said a third.

A fourth said: "I am in tears watching this again, it brings back so many memories. Of when I lost of mum last year, it never goes way, and all you want is your mum back, it is heartbreaking."

Zak discovered that Lisa had died during Thursday night's emotional episode.

While the guests carried on partying, Lisa came home to change out of her dress but sadly passed away while resting on the sofa.

Zak came home and didn't realised she had died as he told her: "You’ll know that I’m doing my best for you and you’ll know it's because I love you.

"And you’ll know that for sure as I'll tell you every day – starting from now. I love you Lisa."

Suddenly, he noticed Lisa was not moving and touched her cold face.

Realising his wife had died, Zak burst into tears, while Monty the dog pulled a very sad face.

"Oh no. This is too soon, Lisa," cried heartbroken Zak.

*Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursdays at 8pm

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