EastEnders viewers have demanded bosses axe one of the show's characters who's starred on the soap since 2017 after claiming she's 'ruined'.

Fans have expressed their frustration with the character Bernie Taylor and are calling for her to be "killed off" by the show's producers.

The demands to 'kill off' the character come after she was seen working in the cafe, spreading rumours about Theo Hawthorne attacking Stacey and Freddie Slater during the episode that aired on Thursday, October 5.

Fans saw Freddie step in and defend Stacey from Theo's attempted rape, only to be arrested over the attack and leaving the Square to live with Little Mo.

"And they're saying if he dies, Freddie could go down for murder," Bernie said, while serving Whitney and her beau who said: "That’s her family you’re talking about."

Bernie went on: "I mean Stacey has got previous on that front."

However, Whitney was not impressed and responded: "What's your point? Maybe when you've had a stalker and they've forced their way into your home, you'll realise what it can make people do."

Viewers were left angered, claiming that Bernie's character has been "ruined" as she has become a gossip.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, EastEnders fans rushed to demand the character should be 'killed off' from the show.

One unhappy fan shared: "Bernie is a really pointless character now. All she does is gossip about everyone else…"

Another disgruntled viewer commented: "Why are they ruining my Bernie godddddd."

Then, a third stated: "They just need to kill Bernie off now, why has she become an awful gossip?"

While another user typed: "Bernie needs to do one. seriously what is the point of her? all she does is make snide comments to everyone in the cafe. time for the axe methinks."

Bernie's recent gossip comes as Freddie was arrested for the attempted murder of Theo.

Freddie was led away by police after defending Stacey Slater from Theo, who had broken into her home and attempted to rape her in the kitchen.

Luckily, Freddie had headed round to see Stacey and got there just in time to save her from Theo, who has been stalking and tormenting her for weeks.

Bernie is usually in comfies as she works at Kathy's cafe in the BBC One soap, and the actress Clair Norris who plays her shared a glimpse at her life away from the soap during the summer.

Clair looked worlds away from her day job in some fun snaps from a trip to Malta.

EastEnders fans are used to seeing her looking dressed down as Bernie in Albert Square, but actress Clair went for a totally different glam look on a holiday night out.

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