GMB: Richard Arnold shown around Big Brother house

Organisers had made special plans for the Big Brother house to feature a glass bath for the first time ever – but then they realised they had to change the set-up.

Richard Arnold revealed the news today on Good Morning Britain, after giving curious viewers a first look inside the house.

Pointing to a bath on a plinth, he explained: “Initially they were going to have a clear bath but it would have to come from China and the key message here in the house this year is sustainability.”

However, show bosses haven’t compromised in any area where it isn’t absolutely necessary.

Richard teased a new and improved diary room, exclaiming: “The diary room is a sight to behold, it’s the biggest chair that I’ve ever seen.”

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He also unveiled a water tank, collecting rainwater which he quipped would “undoubtedly end up in the jacuzzi”.

The presenter was clearly impressed by the house, assuring viewers that the living area is “absolutely vast”.

He continued: “There are two huge sofas [and] it’s the biggest communal area that I’ve ever seen in a Big Brother house over the years.”

The location has been extended to feature a generously-sized outdoor fireplace to keep contestants cosy and warm as the colder weather approaches.

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There’s also an off-camera smoking area for those whose urges get the better of them during stressful moments in between filming sessions.

The only area he hasn’t been able to share is the bedroom, lest it reveal prematurely to viewers how many contestants will be taking part.

That disappointment aside, Richard had nostalgic feelings as he heard the voice of Marcus Bentley all over again, but this time in the new and improved house.

The popular voice-over actor and broadcaster will be returning following an 18-year-stint narrating the show before it ceased production in 2018.

Speaking of the big comeback, he declared: “Hearing that voice, and the music as well, it takes you way back [to the show] which changed the broadcasting world forever.”

He concluded: “I’m sure it’ll live up to expectations.”

Good Morning Britain is screened on weekdays from 6am on ITV1 & ITVX, while Big Brother returns on Sunday 8th October at 9pm on ITV1, STV, ITV2, ITVX and STV Player.

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