Tonight will see another crop of acts appear on the live ITV show in the hopes of making it through to Sunday’s big final.

They will perform in front of judges Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, David Walliams and Amanda Holden.

But comedy songstress Siobhan Phillips, who is set to perform tonight on Britain’s Got Talent, has spilled on why Simon took her breath away during her first audition.

Siobhan divulged exclusively to “The brightness of Simon’s teeth took my breath away. They are honestly blinding. They just look amazing.

They just look amazing

Siobhan Phillips

“If I win that money that’s what I’m going to have done.

“I’m going to have my teeth done that colour. I think they look amazing.”

She also spoke on how Ant and Dec had been a great support for her at the audition.

Siobhan said: “They are such a calming influence. They really are just lovely to have around. There is such good energy from them.

“When I walked towards them, I’m quite tall I’m six foot with high heels on but they’re not that small! I went to them ‘people say that you’re midgets but you’re not, you’re really tall’ and they just started laughing and I think I broke the ice.

“Could’ve gone wrong really, that. But I was so surprised at how tall they actually are because everybody goes on about them being short but they’re not.”

She added: “They are so warm, you get such charisma from them. I can see why they’re so successful at what they do because they make you feel calm and make you feel like you’ve known them for years. They are fantastic lads, they really are.

Fans will remember Siobhan left the judges giggling with her comedy song about parenting, but viewers will have to wait and see if she makes it through to the final.

Two acts already confirmed for the big event are Dave and Finn as well as the Flakefleet School Choir.

It was Dave and Finn who received the most votes from the public.

It was up to the judges to then choose from the choir and spooky act The Haunting.

David and Amanda went for the choir while Alesha plumped for the Haunting so the final decision laid with Simon.

He went with the talented kids and so they will compete in the finale.

Amanda was so spooked during The Haunting’s act which she had been pulled up on stage to be a part of, she swore live on air.

After saying “f**k” Amanda issued an apology to those watching at home.

Britain’s Got Talent 2019 continues tonight at 7.30pm on ITV.

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