Wrexham’s Hollywood co-owners star in HILARIOUS parody of ‘Wham!’ album cover – as Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney embrace the festive spirit with funny mock-up

  • Wrexham’s co-owners proved they’re in the festive spirit with the parody post
  • McElhenney and Reynolds shared the hilarious picture onto their social media
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Wrexham’s Hollywood co-owners have proved they’re in the festive spirit after sharing a hilarious mock-up of themselves as the iconic band, Wham! 

Since taking over the former National League side back in 2020, Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds have continued to embrace the culture of the Welsh side and won the hearts of supporters. 

And their latest stunt has seen them continue in that fashion, after starring in a hilarious parody of Wham!’s Christmas albums. 

McElhenney took to Instagram on Tuesday to share the mock-up with followers, as he captioned the post ‘WREXHAM’ with a Christmas tree emoji.

In the first picture, the Wrexham co-owners parody Wham!’s ‘Last Christmas’ single cover – with McElhenney starring as Andrew Ridgeley and Reynolds being George Michael. In the top-left of the image, a Wrexham badge can be seen.

Rob McElhenney (L) and Ryan Reynolds (R) starred in a hilarious parody of Wham!’s albums

The Wrexham co-owners shared the digital mock-up onto social media on Tuesday

It was a vastly different look for the co-owners of the League Two side

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Then, in the second image, the co-owners’ faces were edited onto the musical duo on their ‘Fantastic’ album cover. 

On the original album cover, the word ‘Wham!’ is written across the top however, in McElhenney’s version, it reads ‘Wrexham’. 

Earlier this month, Northampton Town’s DJ has been forced to apologise after playing Wham’s festive hit ‘Last Christmas’ at a recent match. 

Fans have fumed that by doing so, thousands will have lost the holiday game ‘Whamaggedon’ – where people try to avoid the song for as long as possible. 

Once the song is heard, that person is eliminated – hence the frustration of the 7,215 people at the Sixfields Stadium on December 2nd attending their clash with Portsmouth.


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‘I never knew people took it so seriously,’ said Matt Facer, also known as DJ Matty.

‘I gave it a spin, thinking it would be quite funny to wipe out 7,000 people who couldn’t avoid it, but clearly it isn’t funny.

‘I had a bit of an insult on Twitter, light-hearted, [saying] it was not a nice thing to do, and apparently that was quite tame to what was being said in the stadium.

‘So I officially apologise to everybody whose Christmas I’ve ruined.’

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