YOU'VE heard of spring cleaning but one woman shared her controversial winter cleaning opinion.

She revealed that she's particular about the Christmas tree she brings into her home.

Rhema ( shared the take in a video with her TikTok followers.

In the viral video, which has accumulated over 140,000 likes, Rhema shared her gripe with Christmas trees.

"Unpopular opinion, you need to clean your Christmas tree," she said.

True to her philosophy, the content creator dragged her new fake tree into her tub, where she doused it with cleaning spray and dish soap, then washed it off.

Although the water she used rinsed off clean, revealing no dirt or impurities, she was proud to assemble the washed tree in her room.

As she had anticipated, her take on the Christmas decoration sparked conversation in her comments.

Many took the water as proof that what she did was not needed: "The water being clear told me I don't need to do this," said one viewer.

"Cleantok is getting outta hand," said one viewer who was fed up with seeing cleaning videos on TikTok.

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Some thought it made for good content, at least: "The perfectly clear water and 2 small pine needles sailing down the drain really sent me," said another.

Viewers remarked that her opinion was truly one-of-a-kind: "I like how no one in the comments is saying 'omg I thought I was the only one,'" joked one.

A few didn't necessarily agree with her methods but respected her right to do it.

"You know what… it’s your tree. Live your best life," said one viewer.

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