World’s strongest great-grandmother sets incredible 80kg weightlifting record after beating cancer three times

    Meet the great-grandmother who is a weightlifting superstar after setting a new world record at the age of 80.

    Heather Maddern knew she needed to improve her strength after beating cancer three times, and turned to powerlifting.

    She says the first day she started training was ‘the best day of my life’.   

    ‘I hold the Australian and world record for an 80-year-old lady. It’s amazing,’ she told A Current Affair.

    ‘I just absolutely love the life I am living and I put it all down to powerlifting.’

    Heather Maddern is the strongest great-grandmother in the world

    The 80-year-old holds the record for powerlifting, and could not be happier

    Maddern recently set the new record in Brisbane, where she lifted 80kg. The great-grandmother, who suffers Parkinson, was unable to walk up and down stairs when she first started. 

    ‘I was very weak, my posture wasn’t very good. I was extremely tired. I knew I had to do something to change it, otherwise it would keep getting worse and worse,’ she said. 

    Her coach, Jill Cox, said: ‘We had to help Heather walk down the stairs to get into the gym. She is inspirational. what she can do, anybody can do.’

    Reflecting on the moment she broke the record, Maddern said: ‘I just put it [the bar] down and went through the crowd with a big smile on my face, I was absolutely chuffed.

    ‘My son six months ago thought I was totally crazy, now they are all so very proud of me.

    ‘I just feel so fit. Mentally I feel clearer headed and happy all of the time.’ 

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