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Your sexoscope for the week of May 10 to May 16:


It’s a good weekend to get laid! If you’ve been trying to get your crush’s attention or make plans with your latest Tinder match, your efforts are finally rewarded. The first half of your week follows your normal routine, but by Thursday, your weekend hookup comes back around for round two!

Saturn, the planet of structure and responsibility, is sending good vibes your way. If you’ve been thinking about making your situationship official, the stars are definitely backing you up this weekend! On Tuesday, Venus enters Taurus and Mars enters Cancer—this is perfect astrology for laying down a strong foundation for a healthy LTR.

This weekend’s Leo Moon is warming up your love life! You feel energized, confident, and frisky, so enjoy it while it lasts—Sunday’s Virgo Moon puts you in a more practical mindset and you’re focused on work. If you’re thinking about moving in with your partner or starting a family, this week’s astrology helps you bring it up and get a positive reaction!


Your weekend starts off with very little action, but your notifications are blowing up with all the cuties sliding into your DMs! You don’t have time to hook up with anyone until Sunday, however. This week, Venus, planet of love and pleasure, enters its favorite sign—yours! Enjoy the next few weeks of looking and feeling hotter than ever!

If you haven’t DTR yet:

It may be your birthday, but you don’t have to go out to have a good time! Staying at the house with your boo this weekend leads to two things: 1. An especially-titillating Netflix and chill session and 2. Deep conversations, which help you decide whether you want to make things official or not.

Happy birthday! This weekend, you’re more interested in getting cozy and snuggling/f*cking your boo without ever getting out of bed. On Sunday, your energy levels go up (along with your libido) and you can do something fun for your birthday, if it’s this weekend. Venus, planet of pleasure and beauty, enters your sign on Wednesday, leading to three weeks of blessings on your love life!


If you’re looking for love (or just a fling), you better act fast this weekend and talk to your crush. The relationship planets, Mars and Venus, are teaming up to give you the charm and confidence to ask them out! They both move signs on Wednesday, and enter your chart’s “blind spot,” meaning that your love life slows way down after this week.

You’re usually the one that wants plenty of space in a relationship, but it seems the tables have turned this weekend! If you’re not with your boo, you’re glued to your phone calling or DMing them, and you realize you have pretty major feels for them! The relationship planets, Venus and Mars, share supportive energy on Tuesday which may lead to finally determining the state of the relationship!

This weekend finds you zooming around town, hanging out with friends or running errands, always on the phone, and having a busy time in general. You’re not missing your boo for too long, because Sunday’s Virgo Moon brings you a couple of quiet days to relax at home with them. More exciting action starts up on Tuesday, when the Libra Moon highlights your chart’s zone of romance and sex!


That cutie at the bar that you can’t keep your eyes off this weekend? You definitely want to approach them! Once you start talking, there’s an instant connection. Whether you go home together or not, you save each other’s numbers and can’t stop texting all week. I’m not saying you’re falling in love at first sight, but the chemistry here is undeniably intense and might catch you off-guard!

You’ve been in the dating/talking/??? phase for a hot minute now, but your situationship finally changes this week, little crab! Mars enters your sign at the end of the week, so if your relationship status hasn’t changed by then, the red planet grants you the confidence and motivation to start that conversation!

Big changes are coming your way this week, especially in your love life! Pluto, the planet of transformation, is activated this week and stirring up your chart’s zone of relationships—but harmonious energy from the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn (basically every single planet) suggest that Pluto transforms your relationship by upgrading it—think moving in together, talking about marriage, or starting a family!


This weekend’s Leo moon harmonizes wonderfully with you—everyone feels frisky, fun, and flirty (just like you!), so finding a hookup or connecting with your crush is a breeze. The relationship planets, Venus and Mars, team up and give you a taste of romance or a super fast hookup with someone new this week, but don’t get your hopes up—they’re likely to end up ghosting you.

You have a stress-free weekend, but your love life lacks action. You’re not lonely for long—Tuesday’s lovely astrology makes seeing your boo your #1 priority! Unfortunately, there’s potential for bad news. Mars enters Cancer on Wednesday, which means others might start acting more shady. You just might (might being the main word) find out your f*ckboy of a crush is seeing someone else—or even worse, end up learning that you’re the side chick!

Your weekend runs smoothly—relax while you can! But by Tuesday, the action in your love life begins to escalate, for better or for worse. If your love life is 👌👌👌, this manifests as more sex (and feeling more adventurous, too, like wearing new lingerie or even a pair of handcuffs!) But if not, poor performance in bed or an unveiled secret your partner’s been keeping makes for a bitter rest of the week.


If you’ve been eager to go on a first date with your crush or hook up with your latest match, make plans this weekend! Aim to meet on Monday—the Moon in your sign helps your best traits shine through and connect with them, plus energy from your fellow earth signs Taurus and Capricorn are determined to bring big changes to your love life!

If you’re trying to turn a FWB into a S.O., this could be your lucky week! Saturn, planet of blockages, has been in your chart’s romance/sex zone for over a year, and it’s been having a shitty time—along with your love life. However, Saturn also rules stability and structure, and it’s receiving great energy from the Sun and Mercury (your fav planet!) all week, so starting a relationship this week is a huge possibility!

You’re feeling low this weekend, but your squad suggests an outing or day trip that fixes you right up (and gives you and your boo some space). Strict Saturn, planet of discipline, and Pluto, ruler of transformation, have been in your chart’s love/sex zone lately, testing your relationship. You resolve any major struggles this week, leading to an upgrade (moving in together, or marriage, perhaps?) or deciding to take a break.


You’re feeling more social than usual this weekend, and the frisky vibes of the Leo Moon push you to go out to the club and flirt a little, and maybe take someone home if you’re lucky. Keep your eyes out for a new addition to your love life on Tuesday—the relationship planets, Mars and Venus, are teaming up to surprise you and help you meet your next crush.

The relationship planets, Venus and Mars, have been hanging out in your chart’s zones of relationships and new experiences, respectively, and they both move on Wednesday. That doesn’t mean your new situationship is over, though! Mars is entering Cancer, in your chart’s zone of status and achievement, and Venus is entering Taurus, in your chart’s zone of intimacy, which sounds like your relationship is getting an upgrade!

Whether you’re out or in this weekend, time with your boo is time well spent thanks to the playful, romantic Leo Moon. A big theme of this week’s astrology is starting new things. This doesn’t mean you’re starting a new relationship, per se—you’ve been in your relationship for a while now, but you can still reinvent it by moving in together, getting a pet or talking about marriage this week. Whatever happens, expect your love life to level up!


While you’re at the club Friday night, you run into someone who’s totally not your type, but you can’t keep your eyes off of them, and the chemistry is there! A sexy rendezvous occurs, you give them your number, and you carry on with your week but don’t hear back…and you’re convinced you got ghosted. Don’t worry—by Thursday you hear back from them and set up date number two.

Taurus season’s energy highlights your relationships, so you’re spending way more time with your boo. This is especially true this weekend, but don’t expect fun and games—you’re both thinking about taking things more seriously, but you’re both afraid to make a move! Don’t be nervous! Every part of your chart related to your love life is activated this week by benefic planets, aka the stars are literally aligning in your favor—so shoot your shot!

This astro-weather wants you to switch things up in your love life, so a spontaneous day trip or trying a different restaurant for date night promises to be great, and you can have an even better time by thrilling your partner with a new sex toy or switching up positions! One night of experimenting might introduce you to something that makes you want to change up your entire routine in bed.


Going to a different club than usual is especially exciting this weekend! You’re all about adventure, right, so what’s holding you back? The change in scenery and new crowd may leadto a mind-blowing hookup that you otherwise would have missed, and who knows—you might even get a little crush and take their phone number! The relationship planets, Venus and Mars, team up Tuesday to ensure that round two is even more fun.

Taurus season is all about work for your sign, but luckily, you can break away for a lunch date or a quickie this weekend. However, Sunday’s Virgo Moon spots and drags you back to the office for an early work week, unfortunately. Tuesday surprises you with a free schedule, and the relationship planets, Venus and Mars, team up to bring you a romantic date, great sex, or just a special day with your boo!

You’re turning up the heat in your relationship these days, whether it’s in the form of increased bickering, better and more frequent sex, or both. Things get almost too hot to handle this week when lovely Venus and Mars, planet of libido, team up on Tuesday, which only happens about once per year! Depending on how things have been with your boo lately, expect an earth-shattering orgasm or a fiery argument.


This weekend’s lusty Leo Moon is turning you way on, and there’s tons of energy heating up your chart’s love/sex zone, thanks to sensual Taurus season. Increased activity in your chart’s relationships zone goes on all week long, too, and while you aren’t destined to meet your next special someone, the stars are dropping major clues that your next hookup or crush is right around the corner.

TBH, Capricorn’s been having a rough time. Saturn, planet of blockages, has been chilling in your sign for about a year and your home life, work life, and love life are all feeling the pressure! Good news—that weight gets lighter this week, helping you to loosen up and let down your walls and connect deeper with your boo. Your relationship status is likely to change this week!

The boost of energy you get from Taurus season is especially jacked up this weekend! You’re feeling upbeat, eager for fun, and pretty horny, too, so you’re in for a busy couple of days in bed with your partner! Venus, planet of love, enters Taurus, its favorite sign, this Wednesday, activating your chart’s zone of romance and sex for three weeks—lucky you!


You’re definitely in the mood to be with someone special this weekend, so you’re swiping on Tinder—but nothing in your horoscope guarantees success. Luckily, there’s potential for a first date or a little sexy fun later in the week! Venus and Mars, the relationship planets, team up on Tuesday with the romantic Libra Moon and you get tons of new matches sliding into your DMs.

The Leo moon starts your Friday off with playful and romantic vibes, perfect for date night, but by Sunday, you take things to the bedroom when the Moon moves into sensual Virgo. You’re motivated to define the relationship on Tuesday, and your partner is ready to update their relationship status too—they’re just waiting on you to make the first move!

This week’s astrology wants to help your relationship glow up! The relationship planets, Venus and Mars, are teaming up for the first time in over a year to inspire more action between you and your boo. Yes, this can mean increased action in the bedroom, but it’s primarily motivating you to take your relationship’s growth more seriously and talk about moving in together or putting a ring on it!


Your phone is going off the entire time you’re at work on Friday, and it’s because of someone (or multiple cuties) sliding in your DMs! You don’t want to leave this one on read, either! Plan a time to meet up after this Wednesday—that’s when the relationship planets, Venus and Mars, team up and attract more romance and better sex your way!

You’re a hopeless romantic and have major feelings for your partner (obvs) but you’re also notoriously fickle, and thinking about commitment makes you nervous. The more you think about how much you want to be with your boo, the more anxious yet get! Regardless, you actually spend most of your week with them and have so much fun that you pull a 180º with your fear of commitment and decide you’re ready to make things official.

Your partner is available to help you unwind and have some sexy fun whenever you’re off the clock and need to feel better this weekend—and it looks like you’re working a lot, which means you’re having way more fun de-stressing with your boo, thus reinvigorating your love life! The planets of love and sex (Venus and Mars) team up at the same time, so this increased action carries on into the next few weeks, too!

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