If you haven’t booked a venue for your work Christmas party, you might struggle to get a venue at this stage.

But the good news is, your local Morrisons is an option.

Yes, the supermarket is opening up their cafes for office dos – and the good news is, it costs just £6.50 per head.

It is best for smaller offices as the maximum table size is 20 but you’ll get a three course meal including turkey and all the trimmings.

The store said they set it up because cutbacks mean some small business are struggling and a few parties funded by the company have even been cancelled and staff are having to fund them themselves.

This gives them the option of celebrating together on a budget.

Tables for up to 20 can be booked now for Monday 25 November to Monday 23 December.

The Morrisons Christmas Meal Deal start from £6.50 a head for a 2-course meal or £7.50 a head for the full 3-courses. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available.

Helen Tordoff, Head of Cafes at Morrisons commented: ‘Some small businesses have had a tough year so we have created the best Christmas meal for those on a budget. And as our cafés regularly host group meet ups, we thought we’d extend the invite to local companies so they can save some Christmas costs.

‘It will mean that more people can get into the party spirit without breaking the bank.’

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