An 'unsettling' video that captured a muscle spasm in freshly cut meat has left viewers vowing to make some serious diet changes.

The video, which has gained more than 407,000 views, shows a slab of meat erupting into spasms after being salted, making it look as though it were still alive.

An anonymous butcher was seen holding the meat up to the camera so viewers could see the surface of the meat, which looked like it was bubbling as it reacted to being slathered in salt.

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Salting meat is a crucial step used to draw out water and help preserve meat to keep it fresher for longer.

But viewers of the clip, which has recently resurfaced after being shared by the 'Weird and Terrifying' Twitter account, were left feeling disturbed after watching it.

One user wrote: "I could have done without this knowledge…"

Another added: "Well, this could make me give up eating meat."

A third said: "Planning a vegetarian diet from now on. That's horrible!"

"I'm going vegan," a fourth declared, as another disturbed user commented: "My skin is crawling… so unsettling."

Experts have since weighed in on the video, which originally went viral on Facebook in 2020, and say it only happens with the freshest of meats.

Lv Suwen, an expert in the Philippines animal health department said at the time: "You can rest assured, this piece of meat is very fresh and is from a freshly slaughtered animal.

"The central nervous system is dead but the nerve-endings in the muscles are still firing resulting in the jumping, because the nerves are not yet dead. This will stop after a short time."

The news comes after food tech company Eat Just showcased a new version of its GOOD Meat 'lab cultured chicken' for the first time at the COP27 climate conference, where delegates were able to try a chicken satay without a single chicken being killed.

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