Between things like the temperamental weather and the cost of living crisis, patriotism can be hard to muster at times.

But that’s not to say there aren’t still things that make people proud to be British.

And what comes in at the top of the list?

According to a new survey of 1,500 UK-based Britons, it’s the classic seaside treat, fish and chips, with an impressive 61% of the vote.

The NHS took second place with 56%, and Big Ben came in joint third with Buckingham Palace at 50%.

That’s right – a meal ranked more highly than a whole national health service in a list of the top 40 things that make us proud to be British.

Trailing close behind in the rankings is the late HRH Queen Elizabeth II, who comes in at number five with 49% of those surveyed saying she made them proud to be British.

Interestingly enough, the soon-to-be ceremonially crowned King Charles does not appear anywhere on the list, though his late ex-wife, Diana, Princess of Wales, comes in at number 27.

The top 40 things that make people proud to be British

Fish and chips – 61%
The NHS – 56%
Big Ben – 50%
Buckingham Palace – 50%
HRH Queen Elizabeth II – 49%
A Sunday roast with all the trimmings – 49%
The Tower of London – 47%
The Lake District – 46%
A proper cup of tea – 45%
Sir David Attenborough – 45%
Yorkshire puddings – 43%
Only Fools and Horses – 42%
James Bond – 42%
The British countryside – 41%
The Royal Family – 40%
Bacon sandwiches – 39%
Stonehenge – 39%
A good fry-up – 39%
The British seaside – 38%
Harry Potter – 38%
Afternoon tea – 38%
The London Eye – 37%
Sir Winston Churchill – 34%
Football – 34%
Strawberries and cream – 34%
The local pub – 33%
Diana, Princess of Wales – 33%
Beans on toast – 33%
Red telephone boxes – 33%
The armed forces – 33%
Mr Bean – 33%
The White Cliffs of Dover – 32%
Red post boxes – 32%
Sausage rolls – 32%
Paddington Bear – 32%
The Victoria sandwich cake – 31%
Shakespeare – 31%
The Prince of Wales, William – 30%
Shepherd’s pie – 30%
The Red Arrows – 30%

The research, which was commissioned by Milk & More, also found that 51% of people believe the UK has some of the most visit-worthy attractions in the world.

Close to half (48%) of respondents also said that they are always really pleased to get home whenever they go away on holiday.

And just what did they miss the most?

A good cup of tea (48%), a full English (37%), British milk (27%) and a biscuit (23%).

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