The obsession with hair in Hollywood is already well-noted, and those in showbiz who’ve experienced premature balding have usually done something to hide their bald spots. When you’re a royal like Prince William, though, you aren’t necessarily going to head to a hair treatment facility for hair implants or a hairpiece.

For the British royals, letting your true hair follicles be known is a tradition. Baldness isn’t necessarily in the genes with the Windsors, however. Prince Charles still has most of his hair, and Prince Philip isn’t completely bald either. Prince William seemed to inherit a gene to make him lose his hair early.

Actor Rob Lowe recently made a rude comment about William’s hair that many royal fans think he should apologize for out of principle.

This isn’t the first misstep for Rob Lowe

It seems Lowe has always found himself in hot water from time to time, despite still being popular enough to continue nurturing his acting career. His brazen comments on Twitter alone have raised more than a few eyebrows when it comes to everything from his personal opinions on celebrities to political posturing.

As a noted Republican supporter, Lowe already faces backlash living in Hollywood. This still hasn’t dried up any work for him, which is honestly a good thing to prove Hollywood doesn’t just hire everyone belonging to the Democratic Party. Even so, it seems Lowe has had more than nine lives on some of the things he’s been openly honest about.

His comment regarding William’s male pattern baldness causing the former “trauma” in recent years opens a new door to a double standard. Is shaming men about letting themselves go bald as bad as criticizing women for their appearances?

In the showbiz world, some men are still used to living up to a certain type of grooming standard.

Is the obsession with hair in Hollywood a dated cliche?

When Lowe was interviewed about William’s hair loss, it set the former off on talking about how important his own hair is. We all know having perfect hair in Hollywood was once everything, but what about now?

You could make an argument Lowe is a product of an older Hollywood mindset where you’re nothing if you don’t have a full head of hair. Yet, take a look at some of our most popular actors. Not all of them have a full head of hair, with many of them bald. Going bald has become a far more desirable look for many respected notables in recent years.

For Lowe, any sign of losing his hair has reportedly placed him into a panic to receive any shots to prevent it from happening. No doubt hair implant centers in Los Angeles are happy to hear this should Lowe see a large glob of his hair in a shower drain soon.

Beyond Lowe’s arguably outdated thinking on hair loss, it’s still worth pondering what might have caused William’s hair loss so early. There is a strange, potential twist here.

Has Prince William’s hair loss been genetic or something else?

While it might sound strange, consuming lead has been known to cause hair loss in well-to-do families. Because the royals possibly use antique utensils and bowls to eat out of, it’s possible these had lead in the materials.

If so, consuming lead is also known to cause hair loss. Considering William might have had slight lead poisoning from royal dishware since a child, could this be what caused it, or just an unfounded theory from yours truly?

Because few others in the family (other than his uncle, Prince Edward) have such prominent baldness, maybe it was just bad luck of family genes. With rumors that Prince Harry is also showing signs of baldness, hopefully we won’t hear from Lowe saying he’s depressed over Harry deciding to skip a royal hair implant consultation.

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