Preparing for parenthood.

In this clip from the season six premiere of Total Bellas, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan (born Bryan Danielson) test Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev's parenting skills. While both Bella Twins are pregnant in this scene, Nikki is the one becoming a first-time mom.

Brie starts off, "I'm gonna teach you the ropes, Artem."

In response to this, the Dancing With the Stars pro ponders aloud, "What worst can happen?"

A screaming baby, that's what. Using an app on her phone, Brie manifests a wailing sound and tells Artem and Nikki that the practice doll is tired.

Artem quips, "That's not a baby."

Nikki adds, "Sounds like a grown ass man."

As Artem tries to swaddle the baby doll, Bryan informs the engaged twosome that their baby hasn't stopped crying.

Brie's advice? Put the baby down for a nap.

Artem responds, "Can I have like, a nice baby?"

With encouragement from Brie and Bryan, Artem takes the wailing doll to the bassinet.

"Alright, my man! You got it over here," Artem proudly declares. "Feeling good."

As the baby is placed in the bassinet, Brie encourages Artem and Nikki to "walk away quietly."

Yet, once the couple is settled comfortably on the couch, Brie has the baby crying once more.

"Go, Artem! Go! Go, Artem, go!" Nikki cheers as her man gets up to fetch the baby.

Here is where Brie offers up another motherhood tidbit: "Babies cry if they're hungry, tired or if they pooped and peed."

While checking to see if their doll defecated, Artem also calls out Nikki for not participating.

"Are you going to be sleeping during this time?" he asks. "What are you doing?"

In jest, Nikki claims she'll be making herself "a margarita during this time."

Once Artem checks the doll's diaper, he discovers poop that "smells like chocolate."

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Thankfully, Nikki is thoroughly impressed with Artem's natural dad abilities.

"Artem's very graceful. He's a lot more graceful than me," Nikki notes in a confessional. "And just seeing him do all the dad stuff, and he's so gentle."

Watch the sweet scene play out in the clip above.

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