Doctor Oz tries out ice water anti-ageing technique in 2019

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Anti-ageing can cost the earth, but that doesn’t mean it has to. Dermatologist and skincare enthusiast Dr Dray took to her YouTube channel to share how women can look younger for free at home.

Dr Dray started off by acknowledging that there are plenty of ways to look younger for a hefty cost.

Many women – and men – opt for fillers, botox or other “expensive” cosmetic procedures or even plastic surgery.

However, according to Dr Dray, they can still get the effects of looking younger with just a few simple methods they can try at home.

Her “number one tip” for looking younger is totally free, not to mention extremely enjoyable.

The expert instructed that we should be “getting good sleep at night” if we want to maintain youthful looking skin.

She explained: “Getting eight hours of sleep a night allows your body to recover.

“It’s imperative for the health of your immune system and the function of your immune system so that you can fight off infection.”

Dr Dray revealed that even just a few nights of missed sleep can wreck havoc on the skin.

This bad habit can manifest itself as dark circles, sagging and puffiness.

She continued that as well as the number of hours of sleep, the quality of sleep is also crucial.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep quality is the measurement of how well you’re sleeping – whether the sleep is “restful and restorative”.

Four factors are used to determine the quality of a person’s night’s rest: sleep latency, how long it takes someone to fall asleep; sleep waking, how often they wake up in the night; wakefulness, how many minutes they stay awake in the night; and sleep efficiency, the amount of time spent actually sleeping.

Dr Dray admitted that while it can be “hard”, people should try and aim for eight hours of sleep per night.

But getting a good quality sleep isn’t simply a matter of laying down and shutting your eyes.

The expert explained the importance of having a good quality pillow to support the head, neck and shoulders.

If these parts of the body are well supported, the face won’t be smushed.

It goes without saying, a clean pillowcase is also key for beautiful, young skin, as it will work to prevent acne.

Dr Dray concluded: “Your sleep is so important to the health of your skin, and as a dermatologist it’s one of the first things I address.”

This suggests a healthy diet, fantastic exercise regime and amazing skincare routine is not enough on its own to give women a youthful appearance.

Speaking of bedtime, Dr Dray also suggested investing in a cool mist humidifier to keep the skin hydrated and healthy, particularly in the wintertime.

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