Robert Jenrick 'encourages everyone to buy a newspaper'

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Newspapers are widely distributed across the UK. In January 2020, more than 6.6 million national newspapers were sold in Britain. has compiled a list of 13 amazing ways you can reuse old newspapers.

Cleaning windows

One of the oldest cleaning hacks is to use newspaper when cleaning windows or mirrors.

To get the perfect finish, spritz your newspaper with a window and glass cleaner before you scrunch it up and begin wiping.

Line your bin

Newspaper is a great material to use to line your bin as it will absorb moisture and prevent odours.

Clean your barbecue

An outdoor grill or barbecue can become very dirty after use.

If you find your barbecue is covered in grime, you should let it cool down before placing a newspaper sheet on top.

Spray the sheets with a cleaner and then place a warm and wet cloth on top.

After around an hour, remove the newspaper and wipe down the grill.

You should find all the burnt food and grease will come off easily.

Line shelves

You can buy purpose-fit shelf liners from a shop, but instead, you can use some newspaper to line your kitchen cabinets, drawers and other spaces.

Newspaper is easy to replace and serves the same purpose as store-bought liners.

Disposing of broken items

When you break a mug, glass or other items, it can split your bin bag if you simply put pieces in the bin.

Instead, it is advisable to use newspaper to wrap the items as a matter of precaution.

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Packaging fragile items

When moving house, newspaper is a great tool to use to protect glassware and other fragile objects.

You can also use newspaper when storing your Christmas decorations and other breakables.

Ripening fruits

If you want to ripen fruit quickly you can often achieve this by wrapping pieces of fruit in newspaper.

Do not place the wrapped items in your fridge, but instead keep them in a cool, dry place.

Cleaning your countertops

Newspaper is an effective way to clean and buff your kitchen counter.

To use this method, sprinkle water onto the surface and then wipe the side with a scrunched up piece of newspaper.

You can also spray the side with a mixture of vinegar water to give the side an extra shine.

Protect your dining table

You can protect your dining table by laying a newspaper barrier beneath your table cloth.

This way your table should be better protected from spills and stains.

Avoiding creases

You can use newspaper to stuff your boots and bags to avoid getting ugly fold and crease marks.

Using newspapers in this way will help to avoid unsightly marks and enable items to keep their shape.


If you have a pet or buy a pet, you can use newspapers as a means to house train or litter train your pet.

Newspapers will absorb most of the wetness and odour which will help as you house train a pet.

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