Call the grammar police! Hilarious pictures show how incorrect spelling and punctuation can lead to messages with VERY different meanings

  • Punctuation can really change the meaning of messages when used incorrectly
  • Online gallery, collated by Baklol, shows worst spelling and punctuation mishaps
  • In many cases a missed comma has caused a message to take on a new meaning

Incorrect spelling and punctuation can make or break a message and its intended meaning. 

And while we are all guilty of the odd typo or occasional grammar slip-up, as these people will confirm, a small mistake can cause big problems.

In a hilarious online gallery, collated by Baklol, social media users from around the world have showcased their worst spelling and punctuation mishaps.

In many cases a missed comma or apostrophe has caused a note to take on a whole new meaning – often with embarrassing consequences.

Here, FEMAIL reveals some of the funniest examples…  

Fail: Hunters are urged to ‘use caution when hunting pedestrians using the walk trails’ in this amusing poster, which failed to use commas

Oops! An American TV personality’s magazine cover says she finds inspiration ‘in cooking her family and her dog’ after missing out commas

Impossible: Social media users joked that this must be the least-used toilet in the world after a sign suggested it’s only for ‘disabled elderly pregnant children’

It’s unlikely the person behind this Facebook status will get many visitors following this post, which was meant to say: ‘We have two hours to kill, someone come see us’

An amusing sign says people should be careful of ‘parasailing horses’ when at the Parkroyal Penang Resort in Malaysia

An advert claims a holiday card company, thought to be US-based, has the ‘highest standards for every detal’ – despite spelling detail incorrectly

Go on then: Trespassers will be pleased to be given free rein here after a lack of punctuation gave the sign-maker’s note a different meaning

Who can? Social media users joked that surely this reason circled isn’t a reason to visit a doctor

Permanent mistake: An unknown person’s tattoo reads ‘thicken then blood’ rather than ‘thicker than blood’

This person made it sound like he enjoyed ‘cooking and eating his wife’ after missing out a comma before ‘my wife’

This Burger King advert, thought to be in the US, suggested it was hiring ‘new cinnamon rolls’ because of a lack of punctuation

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