A tattooed dad showed off his heavily inked skin in a new snap which left fans in awe.

Remy is known for his multiple tattoos and blackwork as he's spent well over £75,000 on his body art so far.

Getting inked isn't just what he does as the dad also loves a piercings with his intimate stud as his most interesting one.

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He's quite vocal about his tattoo journey on Instagram where he's garnered over 202,000 followers.

Now in a recent upload, Remy ditched his top to let fans see his heavily inked torso with blackwork covering his skin.

In the snap, the dad showed off his muscular body with his entire chest to neck area completely tattooed.

Parts of his face also have tattoos, as well as his scalp, and he boasts a number of piercings.

Often when he shows off his ink, Remy likes to inspire fans who are thinking of starting their journey in body art.

His caption read: "These days it seems like everyone wants a tattoo.

"The first one always needs to be something important for most people, hell I'm even guilty of that trope myself, but it wasn't until I was nearly covered the first time around that I came to understand what tattoos really meant for me."

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He added: "The journey is almost always more important than what you get from it, pretty pictures are good and well, but they come second to the feeling you get from pushing past your limits and becoming something new at the end.

"That's my two cents on the matter, maybe I'm wrong, or possibly crazy, but I'll still be working on this when the sun goes down."

Remy has previously spoken about his bulking journey in the past, revealing he wanted to get bigger.

Now it seems as though fans are noticing his sweat, blood and tears, as well as his jaw-dropping transformation.

The post, which racked up over 3,900 likes in under a day, secured thousands of comments.

One wrote: "Remy over here getting jacked," another added: "Somebody has been hitting the gym."

A third commented: "Going to looking wild."

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