A MCDONALD’S customer claims she was left with a painful red rash minutes after eating one of their hash browns. 

UK-based Beka said she has no other allergies so was shocked when she reacted so strongly.

Uploading a video of her rash to Twitter, she wrote: “So I went to @McDonaldsUK and had a hash brown… then… 5 minutes later … don’t eat hash browns from there lol I have no allergies so yeah just don’t.”

In the clip, red discolouration can be seen over her face and neck area. 

She added in a follow-up video which panned down to show her entire body: “It was all over my arm, chest, legs and the burning feeling was insane.”

Thankfully Beka’s rash started to disappear after taking some medication. 

She shared a third video showing her face and neck completely free from the rash. 

Beka added: “All gone! Thank God for Antihistamine lol thank you guys for checking in me! 

“McDonald’s is now investigating the issue and hopefully gets sorted.”

According to the McDonald’s website, hash browns don’t contain any allergens, however, they are cooked in the same fryer used for donut sticks that contain wheat and milk allergen.

A McDonald’s spokesperson told Fabulous: “We are very sorry to hear about this customer’s experience. 

“As soon as our restaurant team were made aware, they immediately started a restaurant-level investigation. 

“We are in contact with the customer and will continue to liaise with them on this matter.”

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