AMY Robach and TJ Holmes may have risked it all for their relationship — but are they compatible in the long term?

With the pair's fate as Good Morning America co-hosts up in the air amid an investigation, one compatibility expert has weighed in on how well these two work as a couple — and the key trait that could prove a major obstacle is finding romantic bliss.

Cosmic Fusion combines your Western zodiac sign, your Chinese element, and your Chinese animal to "create an incredibly unique character profile description of your personality."

The app can offer insight into several areas of your life – including romantic compatibility.

TJ Holmes was born on August 19, 1977, making him a Leo Fire Snake, while Amy Robach's February 6, 1973 birthday makes her an Aquarius Water Ox.

Based on their sign combos, TJ is a charismatic born leader who's full of self-confidence — and ego — while Amy is pragmatic and thoughtful, a natural humanitarian — so what does that mean for them as a couple?

A Leo Fire Snake like TJ has "so much self-confidence and self-belief" and possesses "an innate confident glow," Michelle Bell, founder of Cosmic Fusion, tells The U.S. Sun.

"Leos are natural-born leaders, the Fire element is dynamic and sparky, and the Snake is ruthless and ambitious," she explained.

"This combination has expensive taste and Leos and Snakes tend to enjoy the finer things in life, so they definitely need to be in a profession where they can accrue a lot of wealth."

The combination is also a "leader, not a follower," and they tend to get their way — because they're cunning and smart, and people are "intimidated by their overly confident exterior."

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"They like to live life to the fullest and enjoy being in charge.

"Leos and Snakes adore being in the spotlight and love to compete, so any career that puts them on center stage would suit their personality perfectly," Bell continued.

"Leos were born to be front-runners, so with the Fire Snake mixed into this combo, they could make serious waves in the business world.

"They’d thrive in the dog-eat-dog mindset and competitive nature of that world."

In fact, Bell said, they're so charismatic and charming that it would be hard for anyone to resist them — but others should proceed with caution.

"Leos do have quite a big ego, as do the Fire and the Snake, so that’s one thing to watch out for.

"They're very methodical, pretty ruthless, phenomenally self-assured, and extremely powerful. The Leo Fire Snake is definitely one to watch," she said.

Meanwhile, an Aquarius Water Ox like Amy doesn't give a lot away — so while they're also endearing and charismatic, it's more subtle and understated.

"The Aquarian/Ox combo is tough, strong, and determined, and Aquarians are notorious for being distant at times. They can come across as cold due to their more pragmatic and less emotional way of looking at things," she said.

"However, because of the presence of the Chinese Water element in this combo, we end up with a wholly different character. A person who, some would argue, has more compassion than any other character in combined astrology.

"The word that pretty much defines this character is humanitarian.

"Everything about their character leads back to their thoughtful, caring, and compassionate feelings toward the welfare of everyone and everything in society.

"They possess an inherent desire to assist, help and encourage those less fortunate to get back on an even keel."

Though they can seem a bit distant, they're actually really down-to-earth and brilliant.

Together, TJ and Amy share 67 percent compatibility in Cosmic Fusion's system, which is a "pretty solid" outcome.

"The beauty of having natural compatibility in the mid to late 60-percent range is that communication comes easily to them, they truly get each other," explains Bell.

"If you break down their Cosmic Fusion signs, their Western zodiac signs, and Chinese animals are hugely compatible. However, their Chinese elements are polar opposites.

"Leos (TJ) and Aquarians (Amy) have a strong connection — they have spurts of competitiveness due to their inherently individual personalities.However, it’s a positive thing as it pushes them outside of their comfort zone.

"Similarly, the Snake (TJ) and Ox (Amy) are 100 percent compatible, their core personalities are so alike. They share the same ambition, determination, drive, and desire for success.

"Snakes are very charming and charismatic characters, so they help the sometimes stubborn Ox to come out of its shell a bit more. They share the same instincts and philosophical ways of thinking.

"Their only obstacle is the compatibility between their Chinese elements (Water and Fire), which are constantly challenging one another.

"As in real life, Water completely extinguishes Fire’s power, therefore the Water element (Amy) could be emotionally draining for the sparky Fire element (TJ).

"Overall, they have a strong bond and the right ingredients to embark on a healthy romantic relationship — their feisty Chinese elements might just cause a few waves in their steady relationship."

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Even with strong compatibility, public scrutiny of their relationship may prove problematic.

Speaking to The U.S. Sun, relationship expert Jo Hemmings explained how having their romance play out in the public eye could drive a wedge between TJ and Amy and resentment could break them apart.

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